Dec 19

Near-record participation highlights close of 2013 SECC



Almost a quarter of all UTMB employees supported the 2013 State Employee Charitable Campaign, which raised  $467,228 to benefit charities and causes in the region and across the nation and globe. More than 23 percent of employees participated. SECC chairperson and Dean of Nursing Pam Watson led the effort, coming tantalizingly close to the university’s stretch goal of a half-million dollars. She offered her thoughts, thanks and gratitude to the campus community throughout the campaign.

As part of the campaign, a final prize drawing was held last week for two family memberships to the Alumni Field House. The winners were Patricia Trimingham, a manager for Talent Acquisition and Analytics in Human Resources, and Dr. David Konkel, science writer and editor in the Institute for Translational Science.

Dec 16

Field House drawing winners, and more numbers

The drawing was held Friday afternoon for the two family memberships to the Alumni Field House. The winners were Patricia Trimingham, a manager for Talent Acquisition and Analytics in Human Resources, and Dr. David Konkel, science writer & editor in the Institute for Translational Science. We hope they’ll use the memberships in good health; congratulations and thanks for the support.

The final number looks like it will be settling somewhere around $467,228 in pledges, with 23 percent overall participation. Below are some of the highlights; there’s much to applaud. Thanks very much to all who pitched in.


Academic Enterprise 3565 780 22%
Business and Finance 1329 827 62%
Hospitals and Clinics 2918 733 25%
Office of the President 175 134 77%

Dec 09

The Sun has Set on the Lucky 13 SECC Campaign

Dean Pam Watson

Dean Watson

Yes, fellow UTMB employees, the 2013 SECC Campaign is over except for the “counting.”  Almost twenty five percent of you stepped forth to contribute to the campaign to help those who depend on UTMB employee generosity. Once again you showed that UTMB cares greatly about the needy. You all made me proud to be your colleague. You contributed even if this has not been the best year for you financially.  You contributed even if some of your favorite charities were not on this year’s list.  You contributed even when you had challenges doing so remotely. Your support of SECC was commendable. I will always be grateful for having the chance to connect with you for such a worthwhile cause.

On behalf of all the member of your SECC team I say “Thank You.”

Warmest regards,

Pam Watson
SECC Chair 2013 and Dean, UTMB School of Nursing

Dec 08

Dim the lights, down with the curtain…

Another SECC campaign has come and gone. It was a good one. Our chair was incredible, she worked hard. The volunteers were great. We may have set a new record for participation. It looks like we may come up a few dollars short of our half-million goal (there won’t be a final figure until the cash gifts and paper pledges arrive and get tallied), but we’re certainly going to celebrate. Whether the campaign cup is 92, 95 or 100% full, when we started it was empty. What the UTMB community has offered is wonderful. Thank you.

SECC 2013

Dec 07

There is still time…

Well Fellow UTMB Employees, there are still hours left in which you can make your pledge to UTMB SECC.
Many of us are on duty today and so we are already up and running!
If you have already made your pledge…Thank you so much. If you still haven’t gotten around to it..this is your time. Do your “good deed for the day.” Reach out and help those who need our help. You will feel better for having done so.
Warmest regards,
Pam Watson
Your SECC Team

Dec 06

Bottom of the ninth inning and Tiny Tim’s up to bat…

It’s the last weekday of the 2013 campaign. We are just about at $450,000, $50K from our goal. Today will need to be a remarkably good day if we hope to hit the half-million-dollar target. Our participation has been great. There are a ton of 100% areas, and they deserve to be highlighted.  To everyone that has so generously supported us, THANKS. Yet that gulf sits there, a $50K gap, hard, gray and frozen on this blustery winter day. What say you, Tiny Tims? Is a miracle possible on this Dickens’ weekend?

Please pledge now

See our progress

Dec 04

Long way to go and a short time to get there

The end is in sight. The campaign wraps up on Dec. 7, and we’re just about $75,000 short of our goal. True, the last days usually see some pretty strong participation; people are busy and most of us are deadline driven. Yes, we have a great track record of meeting our goal, and Dean Watson has been working as hard as anyone I’ve seen to get the word out. And sure, more than 2,200 people have already contributed, and that is nothing short of awesome and incredibly wonderful. Thank you.

But $75K is a big chunk of change. Can we do it? In the words of Jerry Reed, “We’re  gonna do what they say can’t be done.” Here’s a little more Smokey and the Bandit for inspiration:

Please pledge now

Dec 03

Where the rubber meets the road

It’s easy sometimes to fixate on the dollars and percentages and forget that, at the end of the day, those dollars translate to constructive action and to doing good things. This morning our SECC chair was at the Council of Deans, and the president of the Student Government Association, medical student Jessica Tedford, spoke about student volunteerism. She spoke about several groups, many of them supported by the dollars raised through our SECC. In her own words:   

Every year, UTMB students try to say “thank you” to Galveston Island, a community that opens itself up to new

Jessica Tedford

students and faculty, a community that helps welcome us, a community that embraces us as neighbors and friends. There are many avenues in which students give back, but a very exciting avenue is the UT System initiative aptly named United to Serve. Initiated in 2004 by the University of Texas System Student Advisory Council involving UT System students, United to Serve allows administrators, faculty and staff to volunteer. As you can imagine, this effort to engage and mobilize volunteers is a perfect match for UTMB. This past year over 100 students and faculty volunteered in UTMB’s United to Serve initiative offering their help to non-profit organizations on Galveston Island including Ronald McDonald House, Galveston County Food Bank, Resource and Crisis Center of Galveston, Galveston Humane Society, St. Vincent’s House, The Children’s Center, The Salvation Army and the City of Galveston. Held in conjunction with National Volunteer Week, United to Serve enables UTMB students to partner with community organizations and create volunteer initiatives based on the preference and needs of the community. The main goal of United to Serve is to organize projects that will allow students, administrators, faculty and staff to serve others together and find ways to make our community a better place because we are a part of it.

Further information concerning the United to Serve UT System project can be found here, and more information about UTMB’s initiatives can be found here


Jessica Tedford

SGA President

Dec 02

We hear it works with horseshoes

Drew you in with the upside down banner? Here’s the logic: We all know this year’s theme is “Lucky 13.” The dollars have been SLOW in coming this first day of the last week of the campaign, a little like Karo syrup on a cold morning, headed for a pecan pie (that many of us may still be digesting). Any good superstitious Texan knows there is a right way and a wrong way to hang a horseshoe. Hang it upside down and all the good luck pours out. Maybe our web banner was upside down and we didn’t know it? We flipped it for a few hours to see what happens.   

You’re here. Why not take three minutes and make your pledge now?


Dec 02

The Monday after Thanksgiving and five days left in the SECC Campaign

Dean Pam Watson

Dean Watson

The last time I posted a message I was preparing for Thanksgiving and now I am back on deck in the final week of SECC!  I am touched by the number of UTMB employees who contributed to SECC over the Thanksgiving holidays. What a community of extraordinary employees. Many of you must have  reflected on how much we at UTMB  all have to be thankful for…then you acted and made a pledge or contributed by cash and check. You clearly thought about the plight of the many people who need our help and this touched your hearts. We are now within $90,000 of meeting the SECC 2013  goal of $500,000. If you haven’t yet had a chance to make your contribution, please do so now while there is still time. To all who have given. ..Thank you!

Thank you!
Pam Watson

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