SECC 2014

  • First 100% areas get recognized

    THANK YOU to UTMB departments who have already reached 100% participation in SECC!
    Each person in these depts. will get an extra 100 MB of email storage. [read more]

    Departments with 100% participation:
    Assoc Dean for Research Services
    Business Ops & Finance – Technical Support
    Center to Eliminate Health Disparities
    Community Relations
    Dean of Health Professions
    Dean Of The School Of Nursing
    FEMA Accounting
    Health System – Finance
    Internal Investigations
    Mail Services
    Office of Academic & Student Affairs
    Office of Legal and Regulatory Affairs
    Office of the President Operations
    Oliver Center for Patient Safety & Quality Health Care
    Pastoral Care-Hospital Chaplaincy
    Planning & Performance Management
    School of Nursing Business Affairs Office
    University Events Administration

    We’re approaching the halfway mark toward our $500K goal. Please consider making your donation today. Get information and pledge today.

  • Campaign passes $200K mark, your support needed today!

    We’re always happy to hit the big milestones—and $200,000 is a wonderful sum, but the clock’s working against us. To the 850+ generous souls who have already supported the campaign and the great work it makes possible, THANK YOU. Your gifts matter and are so very appreciated.

    To those who’ve not yet supported SECC, please consider making your pledge for any amount today. It’d be a wonderful way to share a little of your good fortune and show thanks for all your blessings, in anticipation of the Thanksgiving Holiday.

    And, you’ll be doing your part to help keep those pesky flying monkeys at bay.

    Flying monkeys

  • Honor and support veterans through SECC

    Veteran’s Day is next week, on Tuesday, November 11. The SECC offers a great and easy opportunity to do something meaningful to honor the service of our nation’s veterans and to support them in a way that works. While words and a holiday are great, actions and dollars are better. The news is full of stories of vets who need help, of families struggling because a parent was lost or came back from the field of battle with diminished capacities. 

    The State Employee Charitable Campaign includes almost a dozen agencies that support vets. Groups include the Fund for Veteran’s Assistance—which awards grants to local organizations focused on improving the lives of Texas Veterans and their families, VFW Foundation, Wounded Warrior, several Marine Corps agencies, Support our Troops, America’s VetDogs, and others.

    Thanks as always for your consideration and support.

  • The good witches of the School of Nursing

    SON Good Witches
    These Good Witches support SECC.

    In Oz, Glinda was the Good Witch of the North, always showing up at the right time to work some wonder. Here at UTMB, our good witches this Halloween were  the School of Nursing’s Erika Aguilar, Jennifer Anderson, Brandy Mcclanahan and Jennifer Potrykus, with their broomsticks at the ready in this photo with SON Dean Dr. Pam Watson. The SON held a costume contest today, with all contest entry fees being donated to the charitable campaign.

    Dr. Watson chaired the campaign last year, worked hard, and did a fantastic job. Her colleague at the School of Health Professions, Dean Elizabeth Protas, chaired another successful campaign in 2010. Together they understand the importance of the support UTMB provides to those in need.  So it’s no surprise  that their two offices are among the first to hit 100 percent participation. Thanks and congratulations!

     Read about our 100 MBs for 100 Percent incentive.

  • Fitbit fights the Stuffed Turkey Syndrome

    Turkey, roasted or Cajun fried; cornbread and oyster stuffing; green bean casserole, sweet potato, corn and other fresh veggies; cranberries, gravy, fresh bread: What’s there not to love about Thanksgiving?

    Wouldn’t it be great, though, if you could track the calories you burn while you eat, or during a post-meal walk, or maybe monitor how deeply you snooze during a turkey-induced slumber (maybe a slumber as deep as Dorothy’s in the field of enchanted poppies)? Thanks to the 2014 SECC, you are in luck!

    We’ll be drawing a winner for a new Fitbit, a personal wireless activity and sleep monitoring device, at noon on Wednesday, November 26. To be entered in the drawing, make your gift online by 9 a.m. that morning. (Pledges made on paper will be included as well, if submitted by Nov. 21.)

    The lucky winner will be notified by phone or email. All campaign participants are eligible. It’s one small way to say “thanks” for your support. Questions? Contact Becky Trout

    We’ll draw a winner for a Fitbit on Wednesday, November 26.
  • And we are “Off to See the Wizard”

    The agency fair was this afternoon, so the 2014 state charitable campaign is officially in full swing. We’re off to a rip-roaring start, with almost $95,000 in pledges already made toward our half-million-dollar goal. But the road ahead is long and riddled with danger and challenges. Will we make it to Oz? We we have the courage, and the brain, and the heart we need to be successful this year?

    I had a chance to chat with a few of the representatives from the agencies who attended this year. Everyone said the same thing, that they were happy to be here, that our suppport was so very important and so very appreciated. They were in the spirit of the Wizard of Oz; many had dressed the part, which made Todd Leach, our 2014 campaign chair, feel right at home as the Tin Man. Help him prove that we all have a heart–please make your pledge now.    

    Campaign chairmain Todd Leach (as the Tin Man) and a cast of Oz characters helped kick off the 2014 campaign
    Campaign chairmain Todd Leach (as the Tin Man) and a cast of Oz characters helped kick off the 2014 campaign
  • Join us Tuesday at Moody Medical Munchkinland for SECC Agency Fair

    We’ll gather Tuesday to officially kick off the 2014 charitable campaign at the Moody Medical Library Plaza. This year’s effort focuses on all the generous hearts at UTMB, with the Tin Man (who so badly wanted a heart) and his friends from the  Wizard of Oz as our inspiration. So, like Dorothy, Toto and friends, we’ll start this year’s journey in Munchkinland. Join us to learn about the agencies, collect some treats and refreshments, and hear from Todd Leach, the 2014 campaign chair.    


    2014 State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC) Agency Fair
    Tuesday, October 28
    11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
    Moody Medical Library Plaza (aka Munchkinland)