SECC 2014

  • Fitbit fights the Stuffed Turkey Syndrome

    Turkey, roasted or Cajun fried; cornbread and oyster stuffing; green bean casserole, sweet potato, corn and other fresh veggies; cranberries, gravy, fresh bread: What’s there not to love about Thanksgiving?

    Wouldn’t it be great, though, if you could track the calories you burn while you eat, or during a post-meal walk, or maybe monitor how deeply you snooze during a turkey-induced slumber (maybe a slumber as deep as Dorothy’s in the field of enchanted poppies)? Thanks to the 2014 SECC, you are in luck!

    We’ll be drawing a winner for a new Fitbit, a personal wireless activity and sleep monitoring device, at noon on Wednesday, November 26. To be entered in the drawing, make your gift online by 9 a.m. that morning. (Pledges made on paper will be included as well, if submitted by Nov. 21.)

    The lucky winner will be notified by phone or email. All campaign participants are eligible. It’s one small way to say “thanks” for your support. Questions? Contact Becky Trout

    We’ll draw a winner for a Fitbit on Wednesday, November 26.
  • And we are “Off to See the Wizard”

    The agency fair was this afternoon, so the 2014 state charitable campaign is officially in full swing. We’re off to a rip-roaring start, with almost $95,000 in pledges already made toward our half-million-dollar goal. But the road ahead is long and riddled with danger and challenges. Will we make it to Oz? We we have the courage, and the brain, and the heart we need to be successful this year?

    I had a chance to chat with a few of the representatives from the agencies who attended this year. Everyone said the same thing, that they were happy to be here, that our suppport was so very important and so very appreciated. They were in the spirit of the Wizard of Oz; many had dressed the part, which made Todd Leach, our 2014 campaign chair, feel right at home as the Tin Man. Help him prove that we all have a heart–please make your pledge now.    

    Campaign chairmain Todd Leach (as the Tin Man) and a cast of Oz characters helped kick off the 2014 campaign
    Campaign chairmain Todd Leach (as the Tin Man) and a cast of Oz characters helped kick off the 2014 campaign