State Employee Charitable Campaign (SECC) Final Week!

 Join your colleagues across the institution to make this a great and generous SECC year.


Giving to SECC is at your fingertips at This website will provide you all the information you need about giving online, the agencies needing our help, the “give where you live” option and other information related to this year’s campaign. If you have any questions or need help, please contact Becky Trout at 409-747-2734 or at

Ambulatory leadership is also excited to announce that by giving to SECC charities, you will be able to wear jeans on a Friday of your choice. When you make your pledge on the SECC website, you will see a confirmation screen at the end. When you print this screen, give the printout to your Practice Manager. Your Practice Manager, in turn, will hand you a “Jeans Day” voucher. You may redeem this voucher to wear a pair of jeans on any Friday through December 31, 2012.

Let’s work wonders together.

Q&A on black box (RCRA) and sharps!

Good Morning! As I receive questions that are non-specific to an individual ambulatory, I’ll post the question and my ‘best guess answer’ then research as needed to provide the response from the campus TJCChapter expert (or outside ‘expert’ as needed).

Here is a very good question to kick us off: “(confused about the ‘what goes in what box’ chart) I can see that full, partial, or empty vials of meds listed on the chart go into the black box…do I also put a black box in each exam room to put the syringes and needles in?”

My answer: I’m glad you have and are using the chart! The black box is not a ‘sharps container’, so never put any syringes with needles or needles into a black box. All syringes with needles should go into the (red) sharps container you already have mounted in each exam room. Dispose of the syringe with needle into the closest (red) sharps container. You do not need to have a black box in each exam room for the vials – you may have one in nursing station or if using a very large black box then it could sit in the utility room. HOPE THIS HELPS!

Shop ‘Til You Drop Your Blood Sugar

HEB is partnering with Community Health Network and UTMB Stark Diabetes Clinic to improve dietary choices. The Shop ‘Til You Drop Your Blood Sugar event will be held the Second Thursday of every month at 8:30 and 1:00 at HEB on 646 at I45.  If you have completed the Diabetes Education Program 3-class course but have not had grocery store coaching yet please call 832-505-2300 for reservations or for additional information.Diabetes Awareness (4)

Diabetes Awareness (6)

 To see more pictures visit Diabetes Awareness, a set on Flickr.


Ambulatory Orientation—November 6, 2012

We welcome our new UTMB Health employees!

Ambulatory Orientation

 Maria Culagan, NC III at Galveston Infusion Center UHC, Pamela Ferrette, NC III at VL Specialty Care Center OR, Heidi Magnusson, LVN at League City Family Health Care, Catherine Martinez, NC III at Island Pedi Urgent Care.

Ambulatory Orientation 2

 and Sheri Low, PSS 1 with APRG.

Thank you for joining UTMB Health, you make us a stronger organization.


National Ophthalmic Technician Week

We are proud to recognize the awesome Ophthalmic Techician Team that support our UTMB Eye Clinics. Thank you for all your hard work! 

National Ophthalmic Technician WeekBottom Left to Right: Amber Williams, COA; Melody Romero, COA
Top Left to right: Tamila Williams, NCOA; Crystal Morrison, COA; Karin Mutz, COA; Kristan Gray, NCOA; Sonya Martinez, NCOA

National Ophthalmic Technician Week 2

Michelle Cripps, COA; Jennifer Truitt, COA

Gritty Goddess

Saturday some of the Texas City Family Health staff participated in the Gritty Goddess obstacle course at Moody Gardens. Looks like they had a blast and did great!

Gritty Goddess

Pictured from left to right : Cindy Rodriguez, Veronica Padron, Ruth Reyes, Yvette Vastbinder
Sitting from left : Eve Mora & Michelle Basci

Health Fairs

Ambulatory Clinics attend several health fairs. Here are a few pictures from recent events.

 Texas City Pediatrics participated in the Mall of the Mainland’s Children’s Health Fair Saturday Oct 27th. They gave out about 200 bike helmets in partnership with TMA. TC Pedi 003TC Pedi 007

Joan Poffenbarger, LVN, Carver-Forey, LVN, Dr. Jose Rodriguez, Dr. Sonia Bhatt, Dr. Charanjeev Mann, and Sandy Knight, PSS, Supervisor attended the the Senior Health Fair in Friendswood.

Senior Health Fair Friendswood

Senior Health Fair Friendswood (2)

To view more pictures from health fairs click here.