The Awesome Award

Awesome Award pdf

In the “fun “ wrap up to the Joint Commission survey last week, Donna Sollenberger recognized Ambulatory Team with this survivor certificate as The Awesome Award!

The entire team, all 700+ employees, were indeed awesome, together we answered questions, demonstrated our knowledge of joint commission standards, were consistent across clinics with our implementation of policies and really showed that we all work together to work wonders. The site visitors recognized our commitment to our patients, to a safe environment and to excellent service. I am proud of all the clinics and I know that Donna Sollenberger is as well.

While many of you were recognized in Donna’s daily briefings, all employees deserve recognition for ensuring that UTMB Health System achieved such an AWESOME result.

I also want to thank the people that escorted the surveyors, manned the command center, scribed the findings and made sure that at all times we were communicating the results, and all preparation to ensure that the clinics were survey ready at any time.

Casey Peterson drove the surveyor all over Galveston County, and Tammy Cupit traveled in the back seat transcribing the findings from all clinics. Both Casey and Tammy texted Cheryl Bryant and me in the command center, our phones constantly beeping, or in Cheryl’s case whistling, to let us know what was happening and where, so that we could keep up with progress and address issues.

Cheryl Randle escorted and scribed for the PCP and UHC surveyor visits, together with Jenny Lanier, Michelle Stout and Terri Gately, also keeping Cheryl Bryant informed as they went around.

Cheryl Bryant led the readiness preparation over the past 12 months, and working with all the pracice managers and nurse leaders made us ready for this unannounced survey (who thought they would come the day after a major holiday). Jesse Seelback ensured that our facilities and emergency plans were ready, and Peggy Mann was recognized by the surveyors for the documentaion of our POCT plan.

The surveyors were very impressed with our employees and our facilities, and would have liked to visit more of our clinics, but time ran out on Friday morning!

I want to thank everyone for making this such a successful survey, it is impossible to name everyone, but congratulations to all ambulatory employees, all the preparation made us a TJC ready and compliant institution.

Thank You, and now look forward to Happy Holidays, TJC won’t be back for three years!


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