Primary Care Pavilion Parking Update

Primary Care Pavilion ExteriorEntrance A at the Primary Care Pavilion (PCP) is now open and Entrance B is closed until the end of the project (projected June 2013). All employees going to the PCP for any work related purpose should not park in the front lot.  It is a patient parking lot. Employees can get a temporary business permit for the Employee lot P when they are assigned to float in one of the clinics or are scheduled for a training session.

 Lot P is 2 areas.

1 – across the street from the Americas Kitchen restaurant

2 – back of the building and come in through staff entrance D. 

 The manager or trainer at the PCP can give the temp permit for the appropriate timeframe.

If you are coming as a patient to the PCP or coming to employee health as a patient, you can park in the front lot but please be sensitive to the elderly and handicapped patients and park away from entrance A if your health permits due to limited handicapped parking at this time.

 Any questions please contact Jenny Lanier, Director of Ambulatory Operations Primary Care Pavilion, at jllanier@UTMB.EDU or by phone at (409) 747-6912.

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