Sports Physicals

2013 Sports and Activity Screenings

On July 20th our team of UTMB Health experts offered extracurricular pre-participation at the Specialty Care Center at Victory Lakes. Thanks to a great team of volunteers from the departments of Family Medicine, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Physical Therapy, Otolaryngology, Pediatrics, Ambulatory, and the Community Based Clinics we were able to screen 83 students.

While sports pre-participation examinations are not a substitute for the routine health care provided by a personal physician, the station-based approach used by UTMB at the event allowed students and their parents to move through quickly, with the university’s medical specialists available to advise on any special conditions that were noted.

Welcome Aboard!

Ann O'ConnellPlease welcome Ann O’Connell, new Vice President, Ambulatory Operations, to UTMB Health. Ann began her new position July 15. Ann was formerly the Vice President for Ambulatory Care at Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU), a position she held since 2009. She joined the OHSU team in 1989. In this position, she managed more than 60 ambulatory practices with more than 1000 physicians and 2000 staff who see more than 750,000 patient visits annually. Ann supervised the directors and ambulatory practice managers and was responsible for a $120 million operation. During her tenure, Ann focused a great deal of time and attention on developing and implementing a comprehensive quality plan for ambulatory care that addressed patient satisfaction, clinical quality, access and cost. Ann and her team successfully standardized and streamlined the referral management process across the network which resulted in patient access improvements. She has experience in developing and implementing new models of ambulatory care that are needed in a health reformed environment. Ann led OHSU’s three medical home demonstration projects resulting in very innovative changes in the models of care. These projects were acknowledged at the state and local level and have been replicated in many other practices. A nurse by training, Ann’s early career was spent as a Surgical Nurse and as a Clinical Nurse Specialist. Early in her career at OHSU, Ann moved from nursing to administration. She spent time in recruitment at OHSU’s School of Nursing and then served as program director for OHSU’s Nursing Personnel and Support Services. Her experience in human resources prepared Ann well for the challenges of managing staff in the ambulatory world.

A Message from the Chief Ambulatory Operations Officer

Goodbye and Thank You,

As I retire from UTMB and conclude my long career in healthcare, I want to thank all of you who work in or support Ambulatory Operations for welcoming me, extending your friendship  and for working to achieve the goals laid out in the UTMB Health System strategic plan. Over the past three and a half years, several flagship clinics have been opened on the mainland, the PCP has reopened on the island, and there are approved plans to continue the growth of Ambulatory Operations. Patient volumes continue to grow, and UTMB Health is recognized for primary care and as a state-of-the-art academic health care system. In addition to the changes caused by this rapid expansion, we have implemented Epic revenue cycle project, which has impacted almost all our workflows and processes, necessitated  training for all staff, and through it all the focus on excellent patient care has never wavered. The team work that is exhibited by all Ambulatory Operations employees has made this possible and you should all be proud of all the accomplishments.

I have made many friends at UTMB, and I look forward to keeping in touch with all of them, and seeing many of you as John and I continue to visit the clinics as patients.

Thank you again, and keep up the great work.