MyChart Proxy Access Gets a New Name: Family Access!

MyChart, UTMB’s online patient portal allowing users access to portions of their medical information, has an improved process for linking family accounts.   MyChart Family Access, formerly known as proxy access, allows a person to access data in another person’s medical record.  Typically, parents will use this to access their children’s accounts so they can schedule appointments, check immunizations, reorder medications, and coordinate other health-related information for their children.  Adults may also use it to access an older parent, friend, or relative’s record.  This is particularly useful for helping older adults monitor medications and appointments.

In any proxy relationship, two people are involved.  One of these is the person whose chart is being accessed.  This person is called the subject.  The other is the person who needs access to the chart.  This person is called the delegate.

Recently, a workgroup was formed to review the existing proxy request process, identify issues, and make recommendations for improvements.  As a result of their efforts our MyChart proxy request process is new and improved.  The name has been changed to better explain what the access really is.  The information form has been revised so that there is less to read.  The request form was simplified to make completing a request easier.  And finally, the workflow process was changed to eliminate steps which may have been discouraging delegates from completing the request process.

A subject must give a delegate permission to access their medical information through MyChart by completing the MyChart Family Access Request form and submitting electronically.  Parents requesting access to their children’s MyChart account should also complete and submit the MyChart Family Access Request form.  No one should ever access another person’s MyChart account unless it has been linked to their own through family (proxy) access.

As always, the subject’s chart will be accessed through the delegate’s MyChart account.  But now, one form is all it takes to request family access and also receive a MyChart access code, if the delegate does not already have a MyChart account. Once the delegate activates their own account, their family access will already be in place. 

Thank you to the proxy request workgroup for their time and contributions to this process improvement!

Liz Perez, League City Pediatrics and Adult
Crystal Paez, Friendswood Pedi and Adult Specialties
Jennifer Danesi, Texas City Pediatrics
Julie Solis, Health Information Management
Robert McGee, IS- MyChart System Analyst
Beth Scribner, MyChart Ambulatory Operations
DJ Mardis, Bay Colony Pediatrics
Andrea Wirt, Geriatrics
Shelly Witter, Compliance
Lynette Pullen, Clinics Training
Iris Rivera, Alvin Pediatrics

For more information about MyChart, please check out the MyChart site at

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