High Level Disinfection & Steam Sterilization – Epidemiology Visits!

Please help me welcome Michelle Guigneaux, RN HCE, to our clinics for 2013 visits! Michelle will schedule the visits (as she is able) for your convenience and with avoidance of patient flow interruptions in mind. 

During these visits, Michelle and I want to use your time prudently; if it is helpful for you to email me in advance of the visit, in order to let me know what continues to be confusing on the processes established in 2012, feel free. If I don’t hear from you, then we will use our standard process established to hopefully spot ’things’ missed in 2012 audits, as well as how best to improve our program in 2013. We hope to engage ’all’ staff conducting the procedures for HLD, steam autoclave and Steris using ’Staff Knowledge’ questions.

As always, I enjoy interacting with clinic staff, and look forward to the opportunity to be in our terrific clinics! Thanks in advance! Peggy

Q&A on black box (RCRA) and sharps!

Good Morning! As I receive questions that are non-specific to an individual ambulatory, I’ll post the question and my ‘best guess answer’ then research as needed to provide the response from the campus TJCChapter expert (or outside ‘expert’ as needed).

Here is a very good question to kick us off: “(confused about the ‘what goes in what box’ chart) I can see that full, partial, or empty vials of meds listed on the chart go into the black box…do I also put a black box in each exam room to put the syringes and needles in?”

My answer: I’m glad you have and are using the chart! The black box is not a ‘sharps container’, so never put any syringes with needles or needles into a black box. All syringes with needles should go into the (red) sharps container you already have mounted in each exam room. Dispose of the syringe with needle into the closest (red) sharps container. You do not need to have a black box in each exam room for the vials – you may have one in nursing station or if using a very large black box then it could sit in the utility room. HOPE THIS HELPS!