Correctional Managed Care

Representatives of Correctional Managed Care

Janet Gonzalez (

J GonzalezJanet Gonzalez, PharmD, received her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Houston, College of Pharmacy in December 1997.  She then completed a postgraduate Pharmacy Practice Residency Program with an Emphasis in Managed Care through the University of Houston, College of Pharmacy and the TDCJ in Huntsville, Texas.  Prior to her present position, she worked for UTMB Correctional Managed Care as a Pharmacy Clinical Practice Specialist from June 1999 to November 2007.  In her current role as an Assistant Director, Dr. Gonzalez is responsible for the Department’s clinical programs, formulary management, drug utilization review, drug use policy and procedure development, medication usage evaluations, cost containment strategies, quality assurance, professional staff development, and student internship and residency programs.  Dr. Gonzalez has served on various multi-disciplinary committees including she is a current member of the CMC Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee.  In November 2010, she completed a 9-month Pharmacy Leadership Academy certificate program through the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.  Her special interests have been in improving employer-employee relations and leadership development.

Kevin Moore (

K MooreAs a Mental Health Case Manager with the Developmentally Disabled Program (DDP) at the Hodge Unit, I work with offenders who have difficulty with intellectual functioning assisting them in acquiring skills necessary to enable them to function more successfully in the prison environment.

My tenure with UTMB has been brief as I recently transferred from TDCJ; however, I bring 30+ years of varied correctional and administrative leadership experience.  I have worked my way up through the ranks of TDCJ and retired as a Warden.  Since that retirement, my experience includes work in the private and Federal correctional environments as a Warden and Assistant Warden.  In addition, I hold a Master’s Degree in Organizational Business Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and Corrections.  I am a Certified Correctional Executive through the American Correctional Association.

The employees of UTMB-CMC deserve and need a strong representative voice on the EAC.  I am extremely knowledgeable about correctional policies, operations, management and know first-hand the challenges that are faced by UTMB and other staff members working in the correctional environment.  My experience in corrections and upper level leadership roles greatly reinforces my ability to act as an advocate and as a professional representative with a knowledgeable and strong voice.

 I am excited about this opportunity and look forward to working with other members of this Council.

Jerri (Denee’) Robison (

D Robison

Denee’ Robison has worked for UTMB CMC for the last 10 years of a 19 and half year nursing profession as an RN.  She came to UTMB from the Texas Tech sector as a West Texas native and Texas Tech graduate.  Her family, which includes her husband Justin, and one son Zaden, has managed to make this side of Texas their home. They have also made UTMB staff/employees their beloved family.

She has worked her way up through her career from nurse aide to her current position as the Region 2 Nurse Manager with oversight of 24 prison units scattered over the North and Northeast Texas area.  She understands what it means to be the only RN on the floor to make the critical decisions trying to ensure safe patient care. She has shared the med aide’s aggravation in segregation that has 8 wings of medications to pass alone because the other med aide called in sick…again. She has lived both scenarios countless times. Her past experiences have been critical to her success today.  They have allowed her to fully appreciate the nursing staff and to be able to articulate their concerns.

Her professional skills relate to nursing but throughout her career, she has gained a respect for all disciplines related to each other in the work environment. She knows we all need one another’s skills and perspective to compassionately fulfill our mission to the patient population we ALL serve.

Her interests are in various leadership projects throughout CMC and bringing forth positive change in the work environment.  She is part of the Six Sigma Team and a Nationally Accredited ACA Auditor. She works closely with her peers and Associate-CNO to shape policy and procedure within CMC. She frequently visits her units not just to seek what is wrong but to also seek what is right. She stays involved and remains “hand’s on” out of necessity to maintain focus on frontline employees’ needs.  She is honored to have been elected to the EAC as one of the three voices to represent many within CMC.