Academic Enterprise

Representatives of Academic Enterprise

Jennifer Anderson (

Jennifer pic 10_14Jennifer started with UTMB in July 1996 and has a total of 15 years of service.  She has worked in the Budget Office, Payroll Office, Project Team to Implement People Soft, Provost Office and the School of Nursing. She is currently the Senior Business Coordinator for the School of Nursing and is responsible for the Human Resources, Administrative and Payroll functions for the School of Nursing.  She has had the opportunity to meet many great people at UTMB throughout my career.  She has a passion for helping and educating individuals to be able to utilize their skills to the fullest.

She currently lives in Dickinson with her husband of 14 ½ years and her 5 and 13 year old daughter.

She would like the opportunity to participate in the Employee Advisory Council because she can offer a variety of viewpoints based on the various areas she has had an opportunity to work in these past 15 years at UTMB.  As a team, she believes we can make a difference and be able to meet needs of employees across the institution.





Kelley Prevou (


Kelley started with UTMB in May 1996 and has 13 years of service. She has worked in the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Department of Internal Medicine-Geriatrics, the Sealy Center on Aging, and is currently working as a Research Contracts Analyst in Research Services. Prior work experience includes 17 years working as a communications operator for Police/Fire/EMS/and 9-1-1. In May 2015, she received her Associates degree in Paralegal studies.

She is interested in working with the EAC and employees in an effort to make a difference.








Mary Schlobohm  (

Mary Schlobohm

Mary joined UTMB in 1998 and started in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, in 2001, she worked for the Department Chair in Pharmacology and Toxicology. In 2008, she transferred to the Dean’s office in the School of Medicine, in the Office of Academic Affairs. She has prior work experience at TAMU in College Station, from 1987-1998, in the School of Medicine Dean’s Office and with the University’s Office of the Dean of Faculties. Currently she assists the Faculty Senate working with the four schools and handles the School’s faculty APT and PTR.

She would like to work on the EAC to assist with the needs of UTMB employees.