Academic Enterprise Candidates

Jene Spruce-Jamail

SpruceJene Spruce-Jamail is an accomplished recruiter for the UTMB School of Nursing, speaking with thousands of prospective students, with over 600 new nursing students entering UTMB’s Academic Enterprise each year. Jene brings over three decades of creative, managerial level work to the table. Her distinguished career supports her business operations expertise and aligns effortlessly with the institution’s goals and values.

Her notable achievements include CS&E Lean Project, numerous committee roles, and more currently, enhancing pre-admission initiatives at the School of Nursing.  She is currently working on several projects related to the student interface within the academic enterprise, including the RFI revitalization being utilized by all schools.

Jene chose to join UTMB because she believes in the same principles and values of the institution, and its dedicated service to our community and throughout Texas.  Jene is a native Texan and resides in Galveston County in the city of Bayou Vista.





Kelley Prevou

PrevouKelley Prevou started with UTMB in May 2002 and has 13 years of experience. She has worked in the Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Internal Medicine-Geriatrics, the Sealy Center on Aging and Research Services. Currently, she is working as a Contracts Analyst in Research Services. Her prior work experience includes 17 years as a communications operator for Police/Fire/EMS.

In May 2015, she received her Associates degree in Paralegal Studies.

Kelley has extensive experience working in a support staff role at UTMB and has developed excellent working relationships with faculty and staff across campus. Kelley was appointed to the EAC, as an Academic Enterprise representative, in May 2015 to fill an open position. That EAC experience has given Kelley the opportunity to continue to connect with others in a role where she can be their voice when it comes to matters involving the workplace.


Maria Garcia


Maria Garcia has been employed at UTMB since December of 1999.  She initially began her career translating for Spanish- speaking patients in Labor & Delivery.  Over the course of the following 5 years, she was promoted to admissions financial counselor and worked with UTMB’s patient population in UTMB’s satellite Austin Women’s Hospital location.  Being a member of a remote team introduced her to challenges faced by UTMB employees residing off island.  She left UTMB in 2006 to attend graduate school in Louisiana but returned shortly after graduating from her program.  Though she is now the Sr. Administrative Manager for the Center for Addiction Research, she’s held both classified and administrative positions in her tenure with UTMB. As a staff member, she’s experienced the positive outcomes of the council’s efforts to address employees’ concerns and interests. Her current duties include problem resolution, communication facilitation, and identification and implementation of work processes to improve customer service. She hopes to join the council and adopt an active role in the dissemination of information concerning UTMB employees’ issues to UTMB leadership.

UTMB has been successful in implementing message boards, surveys, and blogs to engage and interact with staff.  Tangible changes can be seen as a result of the efforts put forth by participating members.  As we prepare to grow with our exciting expansions, we should look forward to interacting further still with a growing stakeholder population.  New locations, additional specialties, and growing needs will inadvertently lead to unique circumstances for our UTMB members. Maria firmly believes that open lines of communication allow for the process of thoughtful resolution and successful implementation of revised or new protocols.

It is Maria’s sincere hope to apply her experience and skills to benefit the mission and vision of the council.



Bryan Hoynacke

HoynackeBryan Hoynacke is a Program Coordinator in the Office of Student Life within Student Services at UTMB. In this role, he interacts with hundreds of students weekly, and works most closely with student leaders. For example, as a primary advisor of the university’s Student Government Association, he assists the group in executing events and programs for the student body, and helps them develop as leaders and people.

Furthermore, he is essentially the Commissioner of UTMB’s Intramural Sports Program. In this role, he manages, trains and organizes a staff of work study students and referees, builds game schedules, holds captains’ meetings, resolves conflict between players and referees, and, in general, manages all aspects of the leagues.

Finally, he helps advise the 80+ Student Organizations at UTMB by assisting them with their fundraising goals, event planning, and general meetings. Plus, as a core member of the 3-person Student Life team, he assists in the planning and execution of other events and programming for students, such as Movie Nights, Welcome Weekend, Orientations throughout the year, Holiday Bingo Night, All Sports Day, United to Serve, a Mardi Gras Crawfish Boil, and many more!

He loves working with the students, but the roles mentioned above also allow him to meet, interact with, and learn from staff all over campus — especially those who manage and run the Bookstore, Parking and Food Services, the Fieldhouse, the Library, Student Health Services, Financial Aid and Scholarships, and a variety of Student Affairs staff from all four academic schools.

Ultimately, the diverse and widespread nature of his work makes him an excellent candidate for the Employee Advisory Council (EAC), as he often interacts with students, staff, and faculty throughout the university. In addition, throughout his life he has served on a variety of councils and senates, including, for example, a two-year term as the President of the Graduate Student Government at North Carolina State University from 2011-2013, while he was acquiring a Master’s in Public Administration and Higher Education Administration. In this role, he sat on or led many committees and councils with people from all around campus. He thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and he will bring the same passion and drive he held in that position to his role as a member of the EAC.