Hospitals & Clinics Candidates

Mignon Fossati 

Fossati PicI am an Endoscopy Technician in the GI department.  I have a different but unique role here at UTMB.  Some see it as a job that is challenging and “different” but I see it as a great opportunity.  I love my job and have learned many things throughout my career.  Being open to learning and listening to my peers, management, and physicians has made me a strong and knowledgeable asset to my department as well as UTMB. 

The reasoning behind my wanting to be on the EAC is like anyone else.  I want to make a better environment for our department and UTMB as a whole.  Being able to speak out and address the needs of my peers and other employees is a great need for UTMB.




Dawn Meyer

D Meyer PicI have worked at UTMB for 12 years.   I began my career here as a Surgical Technologist progressed from there to an Associate Degree Nurse in 2008 and completed my Bachelors of Science in Nursing in 2013. I have experience in every surgical service as a surgical technologist as well as a circulating nurse. In the past I have Co-chaired our Shared Leadership and currently lead a committee. This particular committee focuses on keeping open communication within the members of the operating room and other departments; in turn this committee has aided me in solving interdisciplinary problems and ultimately improving patient care. I find that in this ever-changing work environment of healthcare, maintaining a proactive attitude helps solve predicaments in a more efficient manner.  I truly enjoy working at UTMB and want to be able to help this institution and its employees continue to prosper.