Institutional Support Candidates

Tilly Clark

T Clark PicFor the past 23 years, I have been a part of the UTMB team, working all 23 years for the Office of the President.  I started as an Accounting Clerk and, through the years, I achieved an education in Hospitality and am now Assistant Director of the Special Use Facilities.  My main focus is to manage and direct the operations of two historic properties, guest accommodations and six conference facilities.    My office is located in UTMB’s crown jewel, the Open Gates Conference Center.  There I manage meetings, luncheons, receptions, facility tours, as well as, personal and private events for UTMB’s faculty, staff, student, Development Board and President’s Cabinet members.  I pride myself on my attention to customer service details and the anticipation and fulfillment of all event needs.

 After the Hurricane Ike disaster, I participated in the mitigation and reconstruction planning of the Open Gates and Rosenberg House facilities with UTMB leadership, FEMA and OFPC.  Since that time, I have become a part of the Damage Assessment Team to Operations with the responsibility in guiding the recovery all fine art on campus in the event of a disaster. 

 I would be honored to serve on the Employee Advisory Council and work with individuals from around campus to help create a work environment where we maximize talent to the benefit, diversity is valued,  individual aspirations are fulfilled and relationships are strengthened.


Lauren Lyons

L Lyons Pic

Lauren Lyons is the newly hired Sr. Manager of Patient Accounts Cash Posting and Cash Receipting office with the Revenue Cycle Operations Team; overseeing and ensuring accurate timely posting of payments received via cash receipting office as well as all insurance and personal payments for services rendered by UTMB providers. In her short time of 3 weeks here at UTMB she has already been a huge addition to the teams she manage by having a hands on work approach with frequent team huddles to touch base and discuss daily status and happenings.

Lauren comes to UTMB from Louisiana with over 19 years of experience in Healthcare ranging from Clinical to Healthcare IT, Billing & Finance working extensively with Audits and Account Collections in the Business Office. Her passion is helping and providing care; working in this field allows her to give back and educate the community, her co-workers and staff of the constant changes to Healthcare Insurance and Billing Guidelines. She has learned how to make certain her organization provides the best care to the community and continues to thrive financially by asserting Best Practices for effective & efficient Billing.

Being a part of the Employee Advisory Council will be a great place for Lauren to be able to be a voice and support for all new members to the UTMB Organization as well as current members as she would be able to work with current EAC Members to see things across Departments and be that example of here at UTMB we are valuable and matter regardless of length of service as you were Chosen for your role and Leadership wants to hear from you. Lauren will represent the New UTMB members and be encouraging for them to help them feel very welcomed and heard. As a member of EAC Lauren can learn from the tenured members and other across UTMB to have additional knowledge and learn things of the Health System not known and share that with others. Working in the clinical as well as Revenue areas of healthcare throughout her career Lauren can connect across the Health System and offer support and representation for Faculty, Staff and Students of the Health System. It’s a passion to help, teach and learn as it helps with life and career growth and this opportunity would be a perfect addition to the already exciting things to take place for Lauren as her career here at UTMB progresses.