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Overview:  The UTMB Employee Advisory Council (EAC) exists to foster bi-directional communication and dialog for all Classified staff, Administrative & Professional (A&P) positions, and new for this year, Non-Teaching staff (excluding residents). The Council, which is sponsored and endorsed by the Office of the President, works to promote a positive and collaborative work environment that is committed to assessing, prioritizing and communicating employee needs. It also serves as a focus group/advisory panel by providing a feedback loop on broad issues and potential new programs that can impact Classified staff, A&P positions, and Non-Teaching staff (excluding residents). For the purposes of representation on the council, the university is grouped in four large segments: Academic Enterprise, Correctional Managed Care, Hospitals and Clinics, and Institutional Support.

 Current EAC2014

Back Row: Tilly Clark, Dawn Meyer, Kevin Moore, Neal Cooper, Mary Ann Hellinghausen, Mary Schlobohm, Jennifer Anderson and Frank Valiulis.  Front Row: Laura Rosales, Debbie Conley, Jerri Robison, Julie Cantini, Angel Morales and Souby George.  (not pictured: Jacqueline Pope and Philesha Evans).


Members are derived from four widely-grouped areas within UTMB. For the purposes of representation on the council, the university is grouped in four large segments: the Schools, Correctional Managed Care, Hospitals and Clinics, and University Support Areas (see details below). Representatives from these areas and two advisors began work in early 2007 to create a structure and foundation for the council.

Nominations and Elections
Elections will be held annually, each January, with a nomination process open the preceding months. Elections will be held using a secure online voting process. Each member of the university staff (including A&P  but excluding faculty) will have one vote for a representative from their primary area of employment (one of the four designated EAC areas).

In 2008, the EAC was composed of 8 members and two non-voting support staff/advisors. By January 2009, the group expanded to its full contingent of 12 elected members plus the two advisors; four members will rotate off each year, after a three-year term of service for each.

UTMB Employee Advisory Council Representative Structure

Correctional Managed Care

School of Medicine
School of Nursing
School of Allied Health Sciences
Graduate School
Some Off Campus Clinics

Hospitals and Clinics
Campus Clinics
Some Off Campus Clinics

University Support Areas
Facilities Operations & Management (FOAM)
Human Resources
Information Services
Office Of University Advancement (OUA)
Office of the President
Community Health Services



Engage and Chat

In 2013, the UTMB EAC started a new employee outreach program called Engage and Chat.  These sessions take place across the university with the intent to reach out to as many employee groups as possible. The purpose of Engage and Chat (E and C) is to: Introduce employees to the EAC Familiarize employees with the role of …

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Questions & Answers

Questions/Answers – Dr. Callender’s Monday in March, March 30, 2015 1. Question: When Gov. Abbott was sworn in, he said he wanted to see a smaller state government and announced a 10% cut in his office budget. Is there a state mandate to cut? What does this mean for employees?Answer: (from Dr. Ben Raimer) Most …

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EAC Bylaws

  University of Texas Medical Branch Employee Advisory Council (EAC) Bylaws   Purpose The Council is sponsored and endorsed by the UTMB President’s Office and exists to foster bidirectional communications and dialog for all Classified Staff, Administrative & Professional (A&P) positions, and Non-Teaching Staff, excluding residents. We will promote a positive and collaborative work environment that …

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Hellinghausen Mary Ann_DSC_3808

EAC Advisors

Mary Ann Hellinghausen Mary Ann is a senior communications specialist in the Office of Marketing and Communications, with a focus on preparing communications for Executive Leadership, particularly for the President. She writes articles promoting UTMB for internal and external publications, takes photographs and provides writing support for Marketing and Development. She came to UTMB in …

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Left to Right: Janet Gonzalez (Vice Chair of Communications), Frank Valiulis (Vice Chair of Operations), Susanne Johnston (Vice Chair), Julie Cantini (Chair)

EAC Officers

                          EAC Chair – Julie Cantini (Institutional Support) Set the agenda and preside at all meetings of the Council; Chair the Executive Committee; Ensure the order of business is carried out unless the order of business is altered by an action approved in the meeting.  Order …

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Current EAC2014

EAC Members

Jennifer Anderson jlsmith@utmb.edu, Laura Rosales llrosale@utmb.edu & Mary Schlobohm maschlob@utmb.edu    represent Academic Enterprise Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences Medical Branch Library School of Health Professions School of Medicine School of Nursing  Kevin Moore keemoore@utmb.edu, Angel Morales admorale@utmb.edu &  Denee’ Robison jdrobiso@utmb.edu   represent Correctional Managed Care   Souby George sogeorge@utmb.edu, Dawn Meyer dameyer@utmb.edu & Jacqueline Pope jkpope@utmb.edu represent Hospitals and Clinics Campus Clinics …

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Susanne and Dr Callender

Report of Activities

EAC council members met with Executive Leadership on May 22, 2014, recognized new officers and outgoing members, and discussed goals for the coming year.   Click below to view the 2014 Annual Report and Presentation for Executive Leadership.   EAC_Annual_Mtg_05-22-14   EAC Update 5-2014   EAC Annual Mtg 04.08.2013   EAC Update 4-2013    Employee Advisory Council Update  your colleagues, …

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group pic

Scrapbook page

EAC Welcomes UTMB Health Angleton Danbury  –  Employee Advisory Committee members rounded at midnight on August 16, 2014 to welcome ADC staff to UTMB, providing small gifts for staff.                                                     …

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