• Ash Wednesday

    Today is Ash Wednesday– Schedule for Distribution of Ashes

    Distribution of Ashes Today Wednesday, February 18 11:30 to 2:30 Hospital Chapel John Sealy Towers 1.202 Please request in room visit for patients unable to travel to the chapel. For Galveston Hospital patients, call ext 23909 or place a Pastoral Care Consult through Epic. Local congregations have services planned at a variety of times during the day.

    Contact: Email: Kathy Ozenberger For: Pastoral Care Phone: ext 23979

  • Myths about Pastoral Care

    Myths about Pastoral Care

    Myth–The chaplains only come when someone dies.

    • Chaplains assist at all times of hospitalization
    • Critically ill patients/family members traumatized by admission
    • CPR in progress, with or without family present
    • deaths, especially unexpected deaths
    • pediatric traumatic injury or life threatening condition
    • request for chaplain/priest/minister by patient or family

    Myth–Patients must request or give permission for a chaplain to come to visit.

    Patients may be referred to Pastoral Care by any staff member. Any staff member recognizing a distress—grief, fears—may request a chaplain to visit the patient.

    Patients may refuse a Pastoral Care visit

    Requests for visits may be sent by consult in order entry or by a phone call to the Pastoral Care office, ext 23979.

     Myth–Only chaplains provide spiritual care for patients and families. Read More»

  • May 29 Ascension

    Ascension   (Christianity)

    Ascension is the anniversary of Jesus’ ascension into heaven and enthronement as universal sovereign.  It comes forty days after Easer/Pascha.

  • May 29 Ascension of Bahe u llah

    Ascension of Bahe u llah   (Baha’i)

    Ascension of Bahe u llah marks the anniversary of the death of the founder of the Baha’i faith.  Baha’is suspend work on this day.

  • May 25 Mi raj al-Nabiy

    Mi raj al-Nabiy   (Islam)

    Mi raj al-Nabiy commemorates the ascension (al-Mi raj) of the Prophet to heaven.  Muslims interpret the event literally or symbolically.  Observance begins at sunset of the previous day.