• Myths about Pastoral Care

    Myths about Pastoral Care

    Myth–The chaplains only come when someone dies.

    • Chaplains assist at all times of hospitalization
    • Critically ill patients/family members traumatized by admission
    • CPR in progress, with or without family present
    • deaths, especially unexpected deaths
    • pediatric traumatic injury or life threatening condition
    • request for chaplain/priest/minister by patient or family

    Myth–Patients must request or give permission for a chaplain to come to visit.

    Patients may be referred to Pastoral Care by any staff member. Any staff member recognizing a distress—grief, fears—may request a chaplain to visit the patient.

    Patients may refuse a Pastoral Care visit

    Requests for visits may be sent by consult in order entry or by a phone call to the Pastoral Care office, ext 23979.

     Myth–Only chaplains provide spiritual care for patients and families. Read More»

  • May 29 Ascension

    Ascension   (Christianity)

    Ascension is the anniversary of Jesus’ ascension into heaven and enthronement as universal sovereign.  It comes forty days after Easer/Pascha.

  • May 29 Ascension of Bahe u llah

    Ascension of Bahe u llah   (Baha’i)

    Ascension of Bahe u llah marks the anniversary of the death of the founder of the Baha’i faith.  Baha’is suspend work on this day.

  • May 25 Mi raj al-Nabiy

    Mi raj al-Nabiy   (Islam)

    Mi raj al-Nabiy commemorates the ascension (al-Mi raj) of the Prophet to heaven.  Muslims interpret the event literally or symbolically.  Observance begins at sunset of the previous day.

  • May 23 Declaration of The Bab

    Declaration of The Bab   (Baha’i)

    The Declaration of the Bab commemorates the day in 1844 on which He announced His identity as The Bab, or Gate, the herald of the new age.