Monthly Archive: October 2013

Oct 31

Soggy start to campaign doesn’t dampen enthusiasm

SECC agency fair

OK, so it rained. A bunch. Mostly during the agency fair and kickoff. There was popcorn to spare, Halloween sugar cookies by the bucketload. But do you know what was totally awesome? Even in the middle of the torrential downpour, almost every agency came. Monica Olson’s great launch video was ready. And people attended and engaged. Not hordes, …

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Oct 30

I’ll never get jaded about this

Here’s a secret for our blog readers: the campaign kicks off tomorrow, but it’s already live. We usually like to get it running early to be sure we’ve tested and worked out any bugs. And, as has happened in the past, as soon as the site goes live, there are people who jump online and …

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Oct 29

AND here we go…

2013 SECC campaign, we’re excited about you being here. We have a great team together this year, led by VP for Education and Nursing Dean, Dr. Pam Watson. She’s a proven SECC veteran, and those of us who worked with her in 2005 are looking forward to doing it again. We have some new members on the team, joining forces …

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