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Dec 19

Near-record participation highlights close of 2013 SECC


  Almost a quarter of all UTMB employees supported the 2013 State Employee Charitable Campaign, which raised  $467,228 to benefit charities and causes in the region and across the nation and globe. More than 23 percent of employees participated. SECC chairperson and Dean of Nursing Pam Watson led the effort, coming tantalizingly close to the …

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Dec 08

Dim the lights, down with the curtain…

SECC 2013

Another SECC campaign has come and gone. It was a good one. Our chair was incredible, she worked hard. The volunteers were great. We may have set a new record for participation. It looks like we may come up a few dollars short of our half-million goal (there won’t be a final figure until the …

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Dec 06

Bottom of the ninth inning and Tiny Tim’s up to bat…

It’s the last weekday of the 2013 campaign. We are just about at $450,000, $50K from our goal. Today will need to be a remarkably good day if we hope to hit the half-million-dollar target. Our participation has been great. There are a ton of 100% areas, and they deserve to be highlighted.  To everyone that has so …

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Dec 04

Long way to go and a short time to get there

The end is in sight. The campaign wraps up on Dec. 7, and we’re just about $75,000 short of our goal. True, the last days usually see some pretty strong participation; people are busy and most of us are deadline driven. Yes, we have a great track record of meeting our goal, and Dean Watson has been working as hard …

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Nov 29

Marking another milestone

We passed the $400k mark earlier today. We are on the home stretch toward our half-million-dollar goal. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. If Black Friday is your thing, happy hunting. If you are one of the many working today, at UTMB or elsewhere, thank you for being there for the rest of us. …

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Nov 19

UTMB: Congrats on breaking the $300K barrier!

Today at lunchtime we hit another significant SECC milestone: we pushed beyond the $300,000 mark. As I write this, we are at $303,627 from 1,523 great employees (and at least one retiree). Thank you to those that have already supported us. If you missed it, Dean Watson sent a message to campus about the campaign earlier today.  Where …

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Nov 15

Cue the confetti: We’re past the halfway mark

Health System Flash report

It’s Nov. 15, the campaign’s midway point in time, and we are just past the halfway mark toward our goal of $500,000. There’s some nice ying-yang to that, good balance. We had a nice boost from the Health System. EVP & CEO Donna Sollenberger sent out a great message to her troops. In it she mentions Typhoon Haiyan and the …

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Nov 13

And the winners are…

Pleasure Pier Gift Card

We always like to do an “early bird” drawing to encourage participation and get a great start on the campaign. This year was no exception. We had five gift cards worth $50 each, to the Galveston Island Pleasure Pier (or any other Landry’s property). We used a random number tool to choose names from the 1042 employees who …

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Nov 12

Credit where it’s due

What does it take to get an area collectively engaged in the charitable campaign? Often it takes an individual or small group, getting committed and personally involved, actually asking their colleagues “Will you consider supporting this because it’s important; through it we can do great things?” We’re all bombarded constantly with messages and communication. How does …

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Nov 07

Blew past first $100K

SECC Update

It snuck up on me. Usually I’m watching, encouraging the thermometer to budge upward, up into the 99s: five dollars, twenty, a hundred, until we break the six digit barrrier. Hooray, we’re there! We’re doing well today, already nearing $110K. Join us.

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