Dec 02

The Monday after Thanksgiving and five days left in the SECC Campaign

Dean Pam Watson

Dean Watson

The last time I posted a message I was preparing for Thanksgiving and now I am back on deck in the final week of SECC!  I am touched by the number of UTMB employees who contributed to SECC over the Thanksgiving holidays. What a community of extraordinary employees. Many of you must have  reflected on how much we at UTMB  all have to be thankful for…then you acted and made a pledge or contributed by cash and check. You clearly thought about the plight of the many people who need our help and this touched your hearts. We are now within $90,000 of meeting the SECC 2013  goal of $500,000. If you haven’t yet had a chance to make your contribution, please do so now while there is still time. To all who have given. ..Thank you!

Thank you!
Pam Watson