Information Services Department Meetings – 2015

We will continue to have the Information Services Department Meetings every two months. Below are the dates and times for the meetings through December 2015. Please note these on your calendar. A calendar invite with the connection details will be sent approximately a month before the meeting.

February 25th, 8:30am – 9:30am

April 29th, 8:30am – 9:30am

June 15th, 8:30am – 9:30am

August 26th, 8:30am – 9:30am

October 28th, 8:30am – 9:30am

December 9th, 8:30am – 9:30am

Locations for the meetings will be on the calendar invite, but will include the following:


All conference rooms on 1st floor


4.116 Admin Bldg

5.521 Levin Hall

6.100 Rebecca Sealy

When joining the meeting, please:

  1. Mute your mic. There was quite a bit of background noise that made it difficult for people to hear what Todd was saying.
  2. Join the meeting only once. If you are in a conference room, please do not connect to the meeting from your laptop or other device. We need all available space to ensure everyone that wants to participate is able to do so.
  3. If within walking distance, please participate in one of the conference rooms listed to ensure we have enough availability for all to participate.


Todd will be accepting questions prior to and during the meeting. Please submit your questions via the anonymous feedback form that was published to our blog (IS Watercooler). The link to the feedback form is

Thank you,


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Welcome New IS Employees

Mary Lou Morales  IS CMC Technical Operations - Administrative Support

Mary Lou Morales
IS CMC Technical Operations – Administrative Support

Jeanie McJunkins IS Operations - Administrative Support

Jeanie McJunkins
IS Operations – Administrative Support

Laura Powell IS Business Intelligence

Laura Powell
IS Business Intelligence

Jessica Martinez IS Clin Doc Projects

Jessica Martinez
IS Clin Doc Projects

Saurabh Joshi IS Business Intelligence

Saurabh Joshi
IS Business Intelligence

Joe Castorina IS OPS - Network

Joe Castorina
IS OPS – Network

Bill Cline IS OPS Technical Services

Bill Cline
IS OPS Technical Services

Victory Lakes Expansion Project

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Victory Lakes Expansion      Victory Lakes Expansion Project Update

There are only 19 days left in this calendar year and even less until the holidays!  As we wind down the year, we wind up the gears and shift into activation overdrive preparing VL Expansion for the first patient on August 1, 2015.

The Victory Lakes Specialty Care Expansion…most of us drive by it everyday on I-45. Have you ever wondered what is going on behind those walls? McCarthy’s 3-week look ahead schedule has them working primarily on the interior of  floors 1, 2, 3 & 4.

     Painting walls level 1 & 2
     Ceramic tile level 1 & 2
     Sheetrock level 3 & 4; also level 2 Med/Surg area 1
     Continue installation of elevator cars #7 & #9
     Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) for levels 1 – 3
     Begin work on OR ceilings
Exterior Work:
     Roof level 2 & 3
     Install outside canopy ( Emergency Department)
     Ongoing site grading/lime & paving/sidewalks and I-45 deceleration lane work  


 Substantial Completion, or the date when ownership and keys to the building are transferred to UTMB, is a significant milestone for IS.  On May 28th, 2015, or substantial completion, IS will begin installation of the network hardware, WIFI, PCs, telephones, printers, DAS, and all other hardware and systems they are responsible for.  IS staff will also work with individual departments, Campus Police and Clinical Engineering Services to install and integrate other systems such as OBIX (fetal monitoring), Hugs & Kisses (infant protection system), EMT Radio System, Wireless Key Locks for all doors, and many others. Everything must be in place and operational by August 1, 2015, when the first patient walks through the doors.

If all that sounds like a lot, IT IS! The IS Operations Project Teams have been meeting, planning, reviewing, coordinating, approving, changing, crying (checking to see if you are reading this), disagreeing, and reporting on the project even before construction began on October 8, 2013. Working with Facilities, CES, Materials Management, Hospital Clinical Operations, Ancillary Operations, Office of Facilities Planning and Construction (OFPC), and others …everyone in IS will have a part to play in the successful opening of the Victory Lakes Expansion Center. 

More updates to come.  I look forward to any questions or feedback!

CSW Project Shifts to Activation Planning

CSW Thumbnail



Clinical Services Wing Project

The Clinical Services Wing is getting ready to shift into “Activation” overdrive! A few short weeks ago, initial planning for departmental moves began and this week marks a second series of meetings with departments to finalize move in dates.  IS Operations project teams are working with project teams from Facilities, CMCI (project activation contractor), Hospital Operations and all departments who will move into the building.

Check out the links below for the tentative timeline (dates agreed to but not yet finalized as of 12/11/14)  for department moves, along with the milestone schedule of project dates to be aware of :

CSW Timeline

CSW IS Schedule

I look forward to hearing any comments, suggestions or questions you have about this project and/or blog.  -Susan Walker



Dell Member Only Black Friday Details

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UTMB- The Flyer is Here! Black Friday Starts THURSDAY 11_20 for Members ONLY!



Lync Profile Picture

Lync is an excellent communication resource but often you may not be able to recognize the face of the person you were talking to even if you were in the same elevator. Of course, video chat is an option, but another simple solution is including your picture as part of your Lync profile which will then be displayed to users you chat or call and even integrated into their Outlook interactions with you. To add your picture to your Lync profile follow the steps below. Look forward to “seeing” you soon.

To begin you’ll need the url of the picture you want to use as your profile. If you don’t have one available you can choose any picture and host it using iSpace by following the instruction below. (if you already have one you can proceed to the Lync related settings below)

  1. Upload the picture to iSpace (likely your personal users directory)
  2. Right-click on the picture and choose > Manage > Permissions and grant ‘Public’ the ‘Viewer (Read-Only)’ Access > Click Apply
  3. Right-click on the picture and choose > Copy Full URL
  4. Optional: Paste the URL into a new browser tab or window to validate the picture (should have an image related extension; .jpg, .tif, etc.)

In Lync 2010 (this function doesn’t work correctly yet in the beta version of 2013), Choose Settings (the small gear icon) > Tools > Options > My Picture

  1. Select the ‘Show a picture from a web address
  2. Paste in the URL you generated from iSpace (or another)
  3. Choose the Connect to Picture button and OK
  4. Note: The image must be 100kb or less in size and accessible without a password

 Lync Profile Picture

Help us Adopt an IS Family for the Holidays!

Gregory Lambert & Family
(wife and 11 year-old son)

  • Donations can be made in the form of gift cards or cash, HEB, Kroger, Target, Walmart, Sam’s, Visa, Toys-R-Us
  • Donations will be accepted for Thanksgiving until 11/21/14
  • Donations will be accepted for Christmas until 12/12/14
  • Donation boxes will be located on the table in Stephanie Everling’s office

(continue reading…)

Capital Construction Project Updates

Clinical Services Wing, Victory Lakes Expansion, Jennie Sealy Hospital

The calendar year is winding down but the anticipation of the Clinical Services Wing opening, followed closely by the opening of the Victory Lakes Tower Expansion, is winding up. (Jennie Sealy will begin activation and installation activities later next year in FY 16.)

The timelines below display the level of effort during the next few months as we begin finalizing resources, installation schedules and equipment needs. CMCI has been engaged by UTMB Capital Projects to do the overall project activation coordination. More detail will be added to the timelines as we finish the final rounds of activation planning and coordination with CMCI and the individual departments this week.

I will post project updates and information weekly and look forward to your questions, comments, and suggestions to make the information on these projects meaningful for you.  -Susan Walker


 Project Timelines 11-12 v3



Welcome New Information Services employee Dr, Jane Moultrie.

Dr. Jane Moultrie,  Chief Medical Informatics Officer IS-CMC Technical Operations

Dr. Jane Moultrie, Chief Medical Informatics Officer
IS-CMC Technical Operations

Dr. Moultrie is currently in Antarctica representing UTMB.  She recently discussed her mission there:

I am privileged to have been brought down for a one-month stint as the lead physician for McMurdo Station, Antarctica.   The station is set up to allow research on the continent.  There are projects ongoing that include looking at huge ice cores to document weather and volcanic activity from thousands of years ago.  There are teams here studying seals and Penguins.  There is an extremely large project that is monitoring neutrinos traveling through the earth as this has something to do with the creation of all matter.  There is a team here studying the life forms from the very smallest to the very largest.  There are teams here studying weather and global warming…..all sorts of things are going on.

Some of these teams spend months living in tents on the ice.  This is really astounding to me. They call in once a day to tell Ops that they are ok and it has to be whenever the satellite that allows them communication is passing over, so it might be at 2 am every day.

McMurdo exists as a small little town with an electric plant, a sewage plant, food service, fire service, medical, etc.  We in medical also serve a couple of research vessels off the coast and the Kiwi station up the road.  There are 700+ people here during the Austral summer (our winter in Houston) and about 120 here during their winter.  We are about to have our last sunset this weekend for the year.  It will then be light 24 hours a day until some time in February.  Currently, there is only a little twilight here in the wee hours of the morning.

Below is a picture of Mt. Erebus, taken from just up the road.  It is the southern-most active volcano in the world.  You can see the steam coming from the top.

The temperature there is about -9.4 degrees Fahrenheit with a wind chill of -26.8.  It is sunny and not too windy, so it is tolerable, but we dress for the weather.  We wear Extreme Cold Weather gear that was issued in New Zealand.  The coats are called ‘Big Red’.  The motto here is “it’s a harsh continent’.  People say this for whatever happens.  You stub your toe and somebody says, “It’s a harsh continent.”

Dr. Jane Moultrie at McMurdo Station in Antartica

Dr. Jane Moultrie at McMurdo Station in Antarctica

Mt. Erebus, Antartica.  The southern-most active volcano in the world.  Note the steam coming from the top.

Mt. Erebus, Antarctica. The southern-most active volcano in the world. Note the steam coming from the top.

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