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CLC Ice Cream Social

A big thanks to all of you that came out and socialized over some ice cream yesterday at CLC. It was great seeing everyone together.

Hope to see the rest of you at Levin Hall for the next one.

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**Help welcome two new employees to IS**

Mark Flash – Desktop Support Specialist on Tech Services team




Justin Solis -Applications Systems Analyst in IS Clinical Doc – User Support team.


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***Summer Bash Ice Cream Social**

What better way celebrate summer in the south than to have an ice cream social?

Please join on us for ice cream, and socializign at:

  • Clear Lake Center Suite 80 conference rooms A&B on July 26th between 2 and 4 pm
  • Levin Hall Dining Room, July 31st between 2 and 4 pm

See you all there!!

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New Positions Posted in IS

Applications Systems Analyst– IS Desktop Enterprise (Ramos)                                   Job ID 30888

Support the Children’s Testing Center in training, image preparation, and deployment.


Sr. Applications Systems Specialist-IS Solution Management-(Valiulis)                   Job ID 31092

Support current Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM), Campus Solutions and Financial Management System (FMS). 


Sr. IT Training Specialist– IT Training (Hill)                                                                              Job ID 31310

Provide timely and accurate end-user training for the UTMB Epic EMR.


IT Training Specialist -IT Training (Hill)                                                                                    Job ID 31329                      

Provide timely and accurate end-user training for the UTMB Epic EMR and Administrative systems.


Lead Applications Systems Analyst – IS Clinical Revenue Integration (Welsh)      Job ID TBD

Provide system administration and support for all aspects of the Epic Resolute Professional Billing system


Computer Operator III – IS Operations Data Center (Perry)                                 Job ID 31354

Provide support for Data Center activities to monitor network, mainframe and server information systems.

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New Employee welcome

Please help me welcome Rodney Wagner aboard. Rodney will be working with the Tech Services group.


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Benefits Fair

There is a benefits fair today.  It’s an excellent opportunity to meet representatives of the Benefits Department and your insurance or retirement plans and have your questions answered.  See the attachment for details.  Annual enrollment starts next week.


If you are not aware, I am the UTMB elected member to something called the System Wide Insurance Advisory Committee (SWIAC).  This committee has advisory input to the UT System, Office of Employee Benefits (OEB) who manages your insurance benefit plans and any changes to them. 


You have not heard from me for quite a while; because on the whole the news has been good.  Those of you who have been employed for over a year may recall that in the spring and summer of the past two years, I have discussed the cost of your health insurance coverage and possible benefit changes (meaning reductions), and asked your input.


Fortunately, for several reasons, there is mainly good news.  If you have been following the newsletters you know that:

  • The medical plan coverage, copayments, deductibles and  out of pocket maximum have not changed.  And there is a minor enhancement required by the Affordable Care Act.
  • There is not change for the UT Select Dental Plan, with a night guard benefit added.
  • There is a rate decrease for the Dental HMO Plan.
  • There is no change in the Vision Plan.
  • New supplemental plans are available for Dental and Vision, if you desire additional coverage and limits.


The key negative items are:

  • Slight premium increase in the Short Term Disability Insurance Plan.
  • The maximum election for the UT Flex Health Care Reimbursement account is decreased from $5,000 to $2,500.  This was legislated under the Affordable Care Act.
  • A Tobacco use surcharge has been added to the medical plan.


As mentioned above, Annual Enrollment for your benefits starts next week.  It runs from July 15 – 31, for the second year.  If for some reason, you will not be able to access the system to select or confirm your benefits during that period; contact Benefits as soon as possible.


Also, if you have concerns about the abbreviated period, or other enrollment issues, please let me know and I will report them appropriately.


These links below provide overviews to Annual Enrollment and next year’s benefits.  More details are in the OEB newsletter you received in yesterday’s email and at their web site.

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Exemplary Service Training

UTMB Human Resources: Organizational and Workforce Development will provide  the “HR Training Class Exemplary Service Using AIDET” training to all Information Services staff on the following dates.


Room 3.324 Levin Hall; July 10 for 2 sessions- 1-2 pm and 2:30-3:30 pm

Room 3.320 Levin Hall; July 11 for 2 sessions 9-10 a.m. and 10:30-11:30 a.m.

We would like to see 100% participation from all Information Services staff. A training class will also be done at CLC, you will receive additional information on these dates soon.

Please contact me via email or telephone with any questions you may have.

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Thanks to all IS employees for getting their annual training completed!!!

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