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Lync Profile Picture

Lync is an excellent communication resource but often you may not be able to recognize the face of the person you were talking to even if you were in the same elevator. Of course, video chat is an option, but another simple solution is including your picture as part of your Lync profile which will then be displayed to users you chat or call and even integrated into their Outlook interactions with you. To add your picture to your Lync profile follow the steps below. Look forward to “seeing” you soon.

To begin you’ll need the url of the picture you want to use as your profile. If you don’t have one available you can choose any picture and host it using iSpace by following the instruction below. (if you already have one you can proceed to the Lync related settings below)

  1. Upload the picture to iSpace (likely your personal users directory)
  2. Right-click on the picture and choose > Manage > Permissions and grant ‘Public’ the ‘Viewer (Read-Only)’ Access > Click Apply
  3. Right-click on the picture and choose > Copy Full URL
  4. Optional: Paste the URL into a new browser tab or window to validate the picture (should have an image related extension; .jpg, .tif, etc.)

In Lync 2010 (this function doesn’t work correctly yet in the beta version of 2013), Choose Settings (the small gear icon) > Tools > Options > My Picture

  1. Select the ‘Show a picture from a web address
  2. Paste in the URL you generated from iSpace (or another)
  3. Choose the Connect to Picture button and OK
  4. Note: The image must be 100kb or less in size and accessible without a password

 Lync Profile Picture

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Kids and Computers

exploits_of_a_momHappy Friday! This reminded me of a time when my 2-year old physically hit the keyboard on the computer and within about 10 seconds had systematically disabled the keyboard and touchpad, which took me around 20 minutes to fix. Enjoy and have a good weekend.

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Paperless Recommendation & Effective Meeting Strategy

Sticky Notes

-Take meeting notes during the session (or assign someone to) and send the follow up at the conclusion or shortly thereafter

-Prefer text summary instead of screenshots or recordings because it’s searchable and more concise (although combinations are effective for documentation purposes)

-Be succinct but also use keywords (so you can refer back to certain tags)

-Record action items, responsibilities, and expected deliverable timelines as well as attendance

-Organize and store notes for easy access (possibly using iSpace)

-Applications: Sticky Notes (in Win 7 or above), Outlook Tasks, Google Keep, Microsoft OneNote, Evernote, (Search “Productivity” in any Application Marketplace)

-Benefits: less paper consumption, entirely searchable, more easily editable, spell check, legible

Now you can clutter your digital desktop and your physical desktop will stay clean :-). Please Comment with any additional recommendations you’d like to share!

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Recycling at the CLC

imageHappy Earth Day! We’ve recently expanded our recycling initiative at the CLC and in addition to paper now collect plastic, styrofoam, cardboard, and metal in each of the main kitchens. A volunteer committee handles the maintenance of these efforts, please contact Darwin VanDyke if you are interested in being involved. We greatly appreciate your participation but remind and request that your rinse your recyclables to prevent gnats. If either of the stations needs attention please also contact Darwin VanDyke and we’ll get it emptied out. Hope you enjoy the rest of this beautiful day.

A special thank you to Lynn Hacic, Natalie Weekley and James Black for their assistance in maintaining these facilities as well as others who assist in emptying the filled containers. I’d also like to recognize the transportation department that handles the processing of these materials.


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IS Parking & Hoteling FREE on the Island

Parking and Hoteling

There are some new resources available on campus for IS employees! You may have already been aware but we wanted to share that you are able to access the SON Parking garage (Building 93 highlighted on the campus map ) using your UTMB badge for incidental use during meetings on campus (Note: this is ONLY for CLC based employees who DON’T have paid parking, for access have your supervisor notify Desi McGahey). There is also parking along Ferry Rd for ALL employees (near Seawall behind Walgreens) that provides a shuttle service to campus. Each location will require a walk to get to your destination but they’re available for free usage if you’d like.

There is also a new “hoteling” work space filled with a number of cubicles available in Rebecca Sealy (Building 121) directly under the 121 icon highlighted on the map above (Contact Barbara Beyonce for access to this facility). You can access through the west main entrance by taking the north hallway and turning left and then right or by entering from the covered attached ground garage and turning left. Printing is available at this location but requires some configuration that is documented by the printer. There is also an Aramark “Take-Outs” eatery right outside the space (but this is not free ;-)). We hope you can benefit from using these resources.

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Finding Unread messages in Outlook

Ted Chen, from the Administrative Information Systems-Flow Management team shared a helpful tip after returning from vacation to a full inbox. You can search read:no (there’s a colon in between “read” and “no”) in the Outlook search field to automatically return only unread messages or choose the ‘Unread’ button from the ribbon in the Search menu which becomes active when setting your cursor in the Search field. Now if it would only automatically read and respond to messages, that’d be really helpful ;-)… Thanks for sharing Ted! Hopefully you can have all your email read in time for the weekend!


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Victory Lakes (CLC) Bus Transit Service

You may have seen the UTMB/Galveston themed buses shuttling passengers between campus and all the way to Clear Lake (as well as Texas City). This is a public service offered in conjunction with UTMB where employees can ride at a discounted rate. Booklets of tickets can be purchased through the bookstore on campus and traveling the max route is only $1.50 per direction and free wi-fi is provided.  You can find more details and the route schedule at  Please note that scheduled runs only occur during peak times (morning and evening) but there is a single route in the middle of the day. Watch the blog for upcoming details on a “Hoteling Space” in Rebecca Sealy where you can work while on campus.

 Bus Schedule

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Signature in Email

This tip is relatively simple but if you’d like to update your email signature to the institutional standard you can do so by visiting to download documentation and a template. There are also a number of other good resources available at Let us know if you have any Tips ‘n’ Tricks that you’d recommend or like to see documented.


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RSS Feeds in Outlook

This tip I attempted to share via email as well since it corresponds to receiving notifications from the blog and highlights the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feed feature. You are able to receive blog updates in Outlook by right-clicking on the ‘RSS Feeds’ folder (displayed in the ‘Mail’ and ‘Folder List’ views), choose ‘Add a New RSS feed…’, enter ‘’, choose ‘Add’, and confirm ‘Yes’. You’ll now receive Blog postings in Outlook! More information can be found by clicking the RSS Feed link from the blog ( You can add other RSS feeds from various sources (even Twitter) using this same method. Furthermore, Outlook is just one of the methods to receive RSS feeds. Leave a comment with any questions or ideas, thanks.

RSS Feed 2   RSS Feed 1

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Tips ‘n’ Tricks – Keyboard Shortcuts

Everyone is likely familiar with some version of a keyboard shortcuts or key combinations (you used Ctrl+Alt+Del to login). Some other popular combinations are Windows+L to lock your machine, Alt+Print Screen to take a screenshot of the active window or Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, and Ctrl+V which translate to Cut, Copy and Paste respectively. You can also create your own shortcuts by right-clicking on any windows application and choosing Properties and then selecting the ‘Shortcut’ tab which should display the menu in the screenshot below. By entering a unique key, such as “C” for the calculator application (it will automatically add the “Ctrl+Alt+”) you’ll set your own shortcut and no longer need to dig through the Start Menu when you’re needing to use the application. Additional details can be found here which also contains a list of all Windows 7 shortcuts. Let us know if you have any additional tips or tricks to suggest and watch the blog for additional hints to make your work more efficient.

Shortcut Screenshot

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