GEM Card Winners

GEM Card Winners:    Congratulations to everyone and thank you for “Going the Extra Mile”. 

July 2015 winners

Darren Cleveland  from Jeff Weddle:  “Thank you for volunteering your time to assist with Beaker Go-Live, it was a long hard week but we pulled together as team and impressed the organization with the skill, dedication and professionalism of information services.”

Natalie Weekly  from Hanna Cheng:   “Thank you Natalie for successfully managed the TMDSAS project! The project is complex and involves specification changes from third party (TMDSAS) and even fourth party (AAMS) this year. Plus I am the new developer for the project. You have managed the project effectively by starting from the technical knowledge transfer sessions, the meetings with functional users discussing our specification changes according to the TMDSAS and AAMS changes, and the weekly or bi-weekly follow up meetings with technical and functional users. Since AAMS cannot provide new MCAT live data until mid or late June, but our School of Medicine users need to start processing new applications as early as possible, you have provided users with different options and listed the risks of each option. This helped the functional users to make final decision on when to move our implementations for Entry Year 2016 into production. And your effort did not stop where the implementation went live. You are still coordinating the project for the post go-live activities. It is the great team work makes the project a success. We are very lucky to have you on our team! Thank you so much Natalie for your hard work and I am looking forward to working with you again for more projects.”

Michele Lockwood from Shirley McGraw:    “Going the extra mile and helping out in a difficult situation getting interim chair’s computer working. Many many thanks.”

Jennifer Bailes  from Susan Weber:   “Thank you for your rapid response and quick turn around time with the new reporting portal quirks. I love it!!!”


May/June 2015 Winners

Diane McCormick from Ronnie Austin:  “Thank you for assisting us in what may potentially be the solution to our eProcurement access issue. The attention to detail in reviewing the log files and willingness to come to team members’ aid during a most difficult problem to solve. We couldn’t have done it without you… and I mean that literally.”

Jack Hogan from David Y. Green:  “For spending your Saturday evening and Sun rerouting the Pharmacy TDCJ label printer on short notice. Thank you for keeping this patient care critical system on track.”

James Koppe from T Mathew:  “For fine tuning the InfoEd Enterprise data load. The modification resulted in cutting down the load time significantly. Good job Jim! Very well appreciated!!”

Cherie Moser from Steven Schmid: “Figuring out how to get CR9 working on Win7. Saves us from having to keep an XP machine alive until CR9 can be fully retired. Thanks, Steve.”


March/April 2015 Winners

Kara Thompson from Daniel Coffey: “Many, many hours of work focused on Intellispace PACS Web deployment:
– Creation of institutional documentation
– Facilitating Documentation Publishing
– Multiple Trainings
– Facilitating Communication with Departments / CMO
– Assistance on day of Go-Live'”

Toby L. Smith from Daniel Coffey: “Setting up webpage regarding the removal of “”

Beth Hill from Frank Valiulis:  “Beth: Thank you so much for putting together the movie for the Employee Advisory Council’s annual meeting with executive leadership. I appreciate your taking the pictures from various EAC events throughout the year and put them into that movie.”

Connie Lausen from Frank Valiulis:  “Connie: Thank you for your hard work on implementing the Eclipse project tracking software. I appreciate your working with everyone in Information Services on how to best configure the system for our needs.”



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IS GEM Program Winners

CONGRATULATIONS to IS GEM Program Winners for 2104

October 2014

Steve Schmidt

Tina Gonzales

Charlie Currie

Jay Benningfield


November/December, 2014

Paul Tiet

Jay Benningfield

Joe Auten

Ulises DeLeon

Michael O’Rourke

Margaret Wilson

Julie Gripp

Todd Pollock


ANNUAL Winners selected in December, 2014

Titus Wiggins‘ I would like to formally thank Titus for his detailed research on training solutions for the IS department which are within our budget and still cover all levels of managers and staff. Thank you for your time, effort, and dedication to this project!’

Nicholas Einecke – ‘Keeping car that was rolling down the parking lot when owner forgot to set the parking brake at Rebecca Sealy Garage.’

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Congratulations Troy Tillie

Congratulations to Troy Tillie!  Troy is on the Information Services-CMC Technical Ops team!  He is the CMC Beaumont Complex Employee of the Month for January.  Troy Tillie is an IT specialist who serves units from Jasper all the way to Humble and has been with UTMB-IS-CMC  Tech Ops since 2008. Because he helps everyone and always in a timely manner, the Beaumont Complex team unanimously agreed that he was so deserving of this award. Thank you for your contributions to the Beaumont Complex and to UTMB!  Congratulations Troy!!!

Congratulations to Troy Tillie! Troy is on the Information Services-CMC Technical Ops team! He is the CMC Beaumont Complex Employee of the Month for January. Troy Tillie is an IT specialist who serves units from Jasper all the way to Humble and has been with UTMB-IS-CMC Tech Ops since 2008. Because he helps everyone and always in a timely manner, the Beaumont Complex team unanimously agreed that he was so deserving of this award. Thank you for your contributions to the Beaumont Complex and to UTMB! Congratulations Troy!!!

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Information Services Fellowship Program


Information Services Fellows - past and present!

Information Services Fellows – past and present!

Solomon Gee, Tomas Salas, AJ Haney, Chris Redig, Andrew Laabs,

Cody Milligan, Truc Tran, Stephen Agbolabori, Christopher Nguyen

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Welcome IS – Angleton Danbury team

Welcome to IS -  IS Angleton Danbury Medical Center Team LR-(front)Stephen Reynolds, John Flores (back) Saul Garcia, Owen Huett, Josh Davila

Welcome to IS –
IS Angleton Danbury Medical Center Team
LR-(front)Stephen Reynolds, John Flores
(back) Saul Garcia, Owen Huett, Josh Davila

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2014 Energy Conservation Initiative of the Year Award

14138607994_8058f8e41e_bA big congratulations to our administrative assistant extraordinaire Kelley Kaiser. She was recently awarded the 2014 Energy Conservation Initiative of the Year Award at UTMB’s Earth Day events. Kelley worked on a project to replace the current water bottle delivery system with a local filtration system using tap water, at the Clear Lake Center (CLC) offices of Information Services.

Not only are we expecting to save a lot of money with this initiative, but we will also do some good for the environment. Think about all the fuel cost of delivering full water bottles, and hauling the empty ones away. Information Services will cut down the the monthly water bill by more than 80 per cent by replacing the three water bottle dispenser units with filtered water dispenser units. We compared the total average water bottle delivery charges of $650 monthly to the $90 per month for the filtered water dispenser units. This easily justified the change financially.

Regarding the other Green, consider the annual environmental impact of the saved fuel cost by not delivering over 800 full bottles of water weighing 40 pounds each, and hauling the empty bottles away. We are excited about sharing this initiative with the UTMB community; in hopes of other departments making this change around campus.  This will both save us some Green on the bottom line as well as the environment!

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Recycling at the CLC

imageHappy Earth Day! We’ve recently expanded our recycling initiative at the CLC and in addition to paper now collect plastic, styrofoam, cardboard, and metal in each of the main kitchens. A volunteer committee handles the maintenance of these efforts, please contact Darwin VanDyke if you are interested in being involved. We greatly appreciate your participation but remind and request that your rinse your recyclables to prevent gnats. If either of the stations needs attention please also contact Darwin VanDyke and we’ll get it emptied out. Hope you enjoy the rest of this beautiful day.

A special thank you to Lynn Hacic, Natalie Weekley and James Black for their assistance in maintaining these facilities as well as others who assist in emptying the filled containers. I’d also like to recognize the transportation department that handles the processing of these materials.


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IS Parking & Hoteling FREE on the Island

Parking and Hoteling

There are some new resources available on campus for IS employees! You may have already been aware but we wanted to share that you are able to access the SON Parking garage (Building 93 highlighted on the campus map ) using your UTMB badge for incidental use during meetings on campus (Note: this is ONLY for CLC based employees who DON’T have paid parking, for access have your supervisor notify Desi McGahey). There is also parking along Ferry Rd for ALL employees (near Seawall behind Walgreens) that provides a shuttle service to campus. Each location will require a walk to get to your destination but they’re available for free usage if you’d like.

There is also a new “hoteling” work space filled with a number of cubicles available in Rebecca Sealy (Building 121) directly under the 121 icon highlighted on the map above (Contact Barbara Beyonce for access to this facility). You can access through the west main entrance by taking the north hallway and turning left and then right or by entering from the covered attached ground garage and turning left. Printing is available at this location but requires some configuration that is documented by the printer. There is also an Aramark “Take-Outs” eatery right outside the space (but this is not free ;-)). We hope you can benefit from using these resources.

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Victory Lakes Park and Ride Schedule


Lookin for the latest news about the Victory Lakes Park and Ride? Check out the link above for the current schedule..

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Keep an eye on the tropics..

Current Position: 25.0N 86.1W
Geographic Reference: 280 miles west of Key West, FL
Movement: Northwestward near 6 mph
Organizational Trend: Increasing slightly
Chance of Development Within the Next 48 Hours: 40 percent
Chance of Development Beyond 48 Hours: 60 percent

Changes from the Previous Forecast
There are no major changes.

Our Forecast
Disturbance 11 is the dominant and distinct low in the southeastern Gulf of Mexico and it will soon aborb the smaller and weaker Disturbance 15. After the two combine, there is a very high level of uncertainty with regards to the track. Our thinking remains that the system will be captured by a trough to the north. This will result in an east-northeastward motion toward the Florida Peninsula or Panhandle. However, an alternative scenario is for the system to miss the trough. This would result in a more westward track toward the western Gulf. This is considered unlikely at this time.

The low level structure of the disturbance is becoming better defined and the upper winds are likely to gradually become more favorable for development. For these reasons, along with most computer models indicating development, the chance of development is 40 percent within the next 48 hours and 60 percent beyond the next 48 hours.

Expected Impacts to Land
Cayman Islands: Conditions should improve as the disturbance moves away.
South and Central Florida Peninsula: Squalls will continue through the next few days, with periodic heavy rain possible.
Central to Southeastern Louisiana Coastal Areas: The first squalls could reach the area on Friday morning. Heavy rain is possible from Friday evening through Sunday morning. Increasing easterly winds offshore could result in tides 1-2 feet above normal by Friday morning and up to 2-4 feet above normal over the weekend.
Mississippi Coast Through the Central Florida Panhandle: Squalls could reach the area by Friday evening, lasting through the weekend. Tides may increase to 1-2 feet above normal on Saturday due to increasing easterly winds offshore. Tides could increase more on Sunday, depending upon whether or not a tropical storm develops in the north-central to northeastern Gulf.

Expected Impacts to the Northwestern Gulf of Mexico
Squalls associated with the northern periphery of the disturbance could begin to impact the deepwater areas off southeastern Louisiana by Thursday night. This means that the last guaranteed full day of good flying weather for helicopter operations will likely be Thursday. Heavier squalls could begin impacting the area by Friday morning. These squalls could last through Monday.

The next advisory will be issued by 11 AM CDT.

Meteorologist: Dante Diaz


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