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Will the Provost’s POWER Application become an authoritative source for information on UTMB employees?


Dear Todd,

I have encountered people from other departments who are promoting the Provost’s ‘Power’ application as the authoritative source for information on UTMB employees (not just those under the Provost). Some are planning to use feeds from Power instead of PeopleSoft for their own applications.

Has there been any discussion at the executive leadership level about this? It seems to me that we are heading towards an institutional train wreck.


Not an AIS employee


Thank you for the question.  Both Bill Fuqua, Director of IS Administrative Information Systems, and Jimmy Clark, Executive Director for Business and Academic Systems in the Provost’s Office, agree that POWER is not and should not be used as the authoritative source for information on UTMB employees by other applications.  The only data from the PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM) system that is being fed to POWER is faculty data.  Non-faculty HCM data is not being sent to POWER.   PeopleSoft HCM is the authoritative source for information about UTMB employees and all uses of this information must be approved by the data owner (which in the case of HCM is Human Resources).  I would be most appreciative if the person who submitted this anonymously would reach out to me directly via another anonymous submission and let me know who specifically may be planning to use feeds from POWER for something other than their intended use.  I would be happy to personally investigate further, make sure the data use is appropriate, and set clear expectations.  If an executive leadership discussion is required to ensure we avoid the train wreck, I will also be glad to take the issue forward. Todd

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UTMB IS Staff Locations and Numbers


Todd, I realize it is an ever-changing number, but it would be informative to get an occasional update on how many IS employees work in our various locations across the region. For instance, x number work on campus, x number downtown, x number at CLC, etc. Your discussion of Angleton-Danbury and CLC move today prompted this thought.


My apologies that I am just responding now even though this question was submitted on April 23, 2014 (hence the reference to the last departmental meeting).  Considering we have a few people who work in multiple locations, the counts below are our best estimates based on everyone’s primary location.  This list includes everyone on our team (employees and contractors).

  • 239 – Clear Lake Center (1st and 2nd floor)
  • 116 – Campus
  • 11 – Frost Bank
  • 23 – Throughout Texas Outside of Galveston
  • 3 – Nashville, Tennessee

Thanks for a great question.

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Shouldn’t we be recognizing our IT Nurses during Nurses Week?


There are quite a few nurses working in IS and I’ve noticed that we get no recognition/gifts/etc during nurses week like the floor nurses do at the hospital.  Although we may not be working as bedside nurses, we are nurses and frequently have to rely on our nursing skill set while working with colleagues.  Just curious as I know other organizations honor their IT nurses during nurses week.


This is a great question and I am glad it was asked.  I’ll admit that when reading it, I felt bad that I had not considered this.  I certainly knew that two weeks ago we celebrated Nurses Week on campus and that this past week we celebrated Hospital Week but, for some reason, I thought of it as a Health System only celebration.  Obviously, I am very aware that we have many nurses working in IS and I know all our nurses (and their nursing skills and knowledge) are essential to our success.  One of the things I dislike about being in leadership is that there just isn’t enough time to honor our staff and show everyone just how much we value them and value their contribution.

Now, I do want to say that I had been thinking that we need to honor IT professionals much like the Health System did with Nurses recently.  Back in March of this year, I asked Barbara Beyonce to find out if there was an IT professionals week (I promise…I have the e-mails to prove it).  Barbara found National Health IT Week which this year is September 15-19, 2014.  We will definitely be honoring our teams and celebrating this in September.

However, back to the question about honoring our nurses, we definitely should do this to honor our nurses so look for an IS-wide celebration during an upcoming week in May or June.  If you have suggestions about what we should do, please send me an e-mail.  We will inquire with the Health System about the things they did.  In future years, we will honor our nurses at the same time the Health System does.  Todd

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How’s the water?


The new water machines taste like crap-ola. Any chance of returning to bottled water?


This question references a recent change we made at Clear Lake Center to use water filter machines instead of a bottled water service.  The change saved money, resulted in a positive environmental impact compared to using plastic bottles, and will provide space for the new vending machines being considered.  I am fine with reviewing any decision at any time so yes, there’s a chance of returning to bottle water.  To answer this question, I reached out to a few individuals at CLC to get more information.  Certainly that was not a scientific or comprehensive assessment.  However, the feedback I received was that the water taste quality was not as good initially while we broke in the new water filters but the water taste had now improved to be equivalent with the bottled water.  If you are at CLC and use the filtered water, send me (Todd Leach) an e-mail and let me know what you think about the new water service.  Thanks.

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