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In late 2013, the Enterprise Information Services department started a “Lunch and Learn” pilot program. The program was a success and is now open to all of IS! We plan to hold at least one, 2-hour lesson per month.

Lunch will be provided by Todd. We will use the RSVP for the lunch order.

Our next two Lunch and Learn sessions cover Microsoft Lync and Polycom

Class Details:

  • Topic: Microsoft Lync and Polycom
  • Dates: April 22 (Full) and May 1
  • Time: 11:15AM – 1:30 PM
  • Location: Clear Lake Center, Conference Rooms A and B
  • Instructors: Darwin VanDyke and Shandra Shumate
  • Coordinator: Ashley West


Lunch will be provided. We will use the RSVP for the lunch order. Please RSVP to Ashley West by Thursday, April 24 for the May 1 Lunch and Learn.

We are planning new Lunch and Learn sessions for 2014!

Some ideas are below. Feel free to “Leave a Reply” below to post new ideas!

  • New Sass (SCSS) and CSS
  • SQL Skills
  • SQL Reporting Services
  • SQL Merge Statement
  • Fighting against SQL Injections
  • Parallel class library
  • Cool .net Tricks
  • Using AD/LDAP in your web applications
  • Entity Framework and LINQ