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The IS Lunch and Learn sessions target IS employees to aid in enhancing our technical and soft skills to allow us to provide top-level service to our clients. All IS employees are welcome to attend these sessions. We know time is precious, so please discuss your time with your manager before RSVPing for a session.

Next Session:
How to Manage Multiple Priorities and Time

Managing one work project is difficult enough, but when other projects start piling up, it’s not easy to stay on top of them all and keep up with everyday work. This session focuses on what we can do on a daily basis to stay on track and identify what is important when everything is high priority. In this session participants will learn how to organize and plan projects with strategies to meet deadlines; how to prioritize work and get the most out of the time they have to spend on projects, and how to stay motivated when the pressure is on and minimize stress.

Class Details:

  • Date: September 9, 2014
  • Time: 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM
  • Location: Rebecca Sealy 4.302/4
  • Instructor: Christy Taylor
  • Coordinators: Diane Mitchell and Lori Crossno

Lunch will be provided. We will use the RSVP for the lunch order. Please RSVP to Diane and Lori by Friday, September 5.

We are planning new Lunch and Learn sessions!

Some ideas are below. Feel free to “Leave a Reply” below to post new ideas!

  • New Sass (SCSS) and CSS
  • SQL Skills
  • SQL Reporting Services
  • SQL Merge Statement
  • Fighting against SQL Injections
  • Parallel class library
  • Cool .net Tricks
  • Using AD/LDAP in your web applications
  • Entity Framework and LINQ
  • Soft-skills training