Paperless Recommendation & Effective Meeting Strategy

Sticky Notes

-Take meeting notes during the session (or assign someone to) and send the follow up at the conclusion or shortly thereafter

-Prefer text summary instead of screenshots or recordings because it’s searchable and more concise (although combinations are effective for documentation purposes)

-Be succinct but also use keywords (so you can refer back to certain tags)

-Record action items, responsibilities, and expected deliverable timelines as well as attendance

-Organize and store notes for easy access (possibly using iSpace)

-Applications: Sticky Notes (in Win 7 or above), Outlook Tasks, Google Keep, Microsoft OneNote, Evernote, (Search “Productivity” in any Application Marketplace)

-Benefits: less paper consumption, entirely searchable, more easily editable, spell check, legible

Now you can clutter your digital desktop and your physical desktop will stay clean :-). Please Comment with any additional recommendations you’d like to share!

UTMB IS Staff Locations and Numbers


Todd, I realize it is an ever-changing number, but it would be informative to get an occasional update on how many IS employees work in our various locations across the region. For instance, x number work on campus, x number downtown, x number at CLC, etc. Your discussion of Angleton-Danbury and CLC move today prompted this thought.


My apologies that I am just responding now even though this question was submitted on April 23, 2014 (hence the reference to the last departmental meeting).  Considering we have a few people who work in multiple locations, the counts below are our best estimates based on everyone’s primary location.  This list includes everyone on our team (employees and contractors).

  • 239 – Clear Lake Center (1st and 2nd floor)
  • 116 – Campus
  • 11 – Frost Bank
  • 23 – Throughout Texas Outside of Galveston
  • 3 – Nashville, Tennessee

Thanks for a great question.

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Shouldn’t we be recognizing our IT Nurses during Nurses Week?


There are quite a few nurses working in IS and I’ve noticed that we get no recognition/gifts/etc during nurses week like the floor nurses do at the hospital.  Although we may not be working as bedside nurses, we are nurses and frequently have to rely on our nursing skill set while working with colleagues.  Just curious as I know other organizations honor their IT nurses during nurses week.


This is a great question and I am glad it was asked.  I’ll admit that when reading it, I felt bad that I had not considered this.  I certainly knew that two weeks ago we celebrated Nurses Week on campus and that this past week we celebrated Hospital Week but, for some reason, I thought of it as a Health System only celebration.  Obviously, I am very aware that we have many nurses working in IS and I know all our nurses (and their nursing skills and knowledge) are essential to our success.  One of the things I dislike about being in leadership is that there just isn’t enough time to honor our staff and show everyone just how much we value them and value their contribution.

Now, I do want to say that I had been thinking that we need to honor IT professionals much like the Health System did with Nurses recently.  Back in March of this year, I asked Barbara Beyonce to find out if there was an IT professionals week (I promise…I have the e-mails to prove it).  Barbara found National Health IT Week which this year is September 15-19, 2014.  We will definitely be honoring our teams and celebrating this in September.

However, back to the question about honoring our nurses, we definitely should do this to honor our nurses so look for an IS-wide celebration during an upcoming week in May or June.  If you have suggestions about what we should do, please send me an e-mail.  We will inquire with the Health System about the things they did.  In future years, we will honor our nurses at the same time the Health System does.  Todd

2014 Energy Conservation Initiative of the Year Award

14138607994_8058f8e41e_bA big congratulations to our administrative assistant extraordinaire Kelley Kaiser. She was recently awarded the 2014 Energy Conservation Initiative of the Year Award at UTMB’s Earth Day events. Kelley worked on a project to replace the current water bottle delivery system with a local filtration system using tap water, at the Clear Lake Center (CLC) offices of Information Services.

Not only are we expecting to save a lot of money with this initiative, but we will also do some good for the environment. Think about all the fuel cost of delivering full water bottles, and hauling the empty ones away. Information Services will cut down the the monthly water bill by more than 80 per cent by replacing the three water bottle dispenser units with filtered water dispenser units. We compared the total average water bottle delivery charges of $650 monthly to the $90 per month for the filtered water dispenser units. This easily justified the change financially.

Regarding the other Green, consider the annual environmental impact of the saved fuel cost by not delivering over 800 full bottles of water weighing 40 pounds each, and hauling the empty bottles away. We are excited about sharing this initiative with the UTMB community; in hopes of other departments making this change around campus.  This will both save us some Green on the bottom line as well as the environment!

Recycling at the CLC

imageHappy Earth Day! We’ve recently expanded our recycling initiative at the CLC and in addition to paper now collect plastic, styrofoam, cardboard, and metal in each of the main kitchens. A volunteer committee handles the maintenance of these efforts, please contact Darwin VanDyke if you are interested in being involved. We greatly appreciate your participation but remind and request that your rinse your recyclables to prevent gnats. If either of the stations needs attention please also contact Darwin VanDyke and we’ll get it emptied out. Hope you enjoy the rest of this beautiful day.

A special thank you to Lynn Hacic, Natalie Weekley and James Black for their assistance in maintaining these facilities as well as others who assist in emptying the filled containers. I’d also like to recognize the transportation department that handles the processing of these materials.


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IS Parking & Hoteling FREE on the Island

Parking and Hoteling

There are some new resources available on campus for IS employees! You may have already been aware but we wanted to share that you are able to access the SON Parking garage (Building 93 highlighted on the campus map ) using your UTMB badge for incidental use during meetings on campus (Note: this is ONLY for CLC based employees who DON’T have paid parking, for access have your supervisor notify Desi McGahey). There is also parking along Ferry Rd for ALL employees (near Seawall behind Walgreens) that provides a shuttle service to campus. Each location will require a walk to get to your destination but they’re available for free usage if you’d like.

There is also a new “hoteling” work space filled with a number of cubicles available in Rebecca Sealy (Building 121) directly under the 121 icon highlighted on the map above (Contact Barbara Beyonce for access to this facility). You can access through the west main entrance by taking the north hallway and turning left and then right or by entering from the covered attached ground garage and turning left. Printing is available at this location but requires some configuration that is documented by the printer. There is also an Aramark “Take-Outs” eatery right outside the space (but this is not free ;-)). We hope you can benefit from using these resources.

College of the Mainland Job Fair

Thank you to Joel McDonald, Cathy Chu, and Tomas Salas for attending the COM job fair on April 3.  They promoted the IS Fellowship program at the event.  Joel, Cathy and Tomas talked to about 25 students.  Around seven of those students seemed really interested in our program.

Thank you to Joel McDonald, Cathy Chu, and Tomas Salas for attending the COM job fair on April 3. They promoted the IS Fellowship program at the event. Joel, Cathy and Tomas talked to about 25 students. Around seven of those students seemed really interested in our program.

Welcome New IS Employees

Brianne Mabe IS Administrative Services

Brianne Mabe
IS Administrative Services

Daniel Coffey IS Clinical Documentation - Radiology

Daniel Coffey
IS Clinical Documentation – Radiology

Jasvir Singh IS Business Intellegence

Jasvir Singh
IS Business Intellegence

Rachel Rickards IS-Clinical Revenue Integration

Rachel Rickards
IS-Clinical Revenue Integration

Susan Walker IS Leadership

Susan Walker
IS Leadership

Ravi Komma IS-Admin Systems - Applications Management

Ravi Komma
IS Business Intellegence

Jennifer Butler IS Clinical Revenue - Billing

Jennifer Butler
IS Clinical Revenue – Billing

Solomon Gee IS Fellowship Program

Solomon Gee
IS Fellowship Program

Eric McClendon IS Fellowship Program

Eric McClendon
IS Fellowship Program

Mark Lovelace IS-Ops-Network

Mark Lovelace

The first Information Services Department Meeting was held at 8:30am Wednesday, February 26th. Please use the link below to watch the meeting. Thanks.

Information Services Department Meetings

Information Services Department Meetings will be held every two months. Below are the dates and times for the meetings through December 2014. Please note these on your calendar. A calendar invite with the connection details will be sent approximately a month before the meeting.

April 23rd – 8:30am – 9:30am

June 4th – 8:30am – 9:30am

August 27th – 8:30am – 9:30am

October 22nd – 8:30am – 9:30am

December 15th – 8:30am – 9:30am

I have reserved several locations for this “virtual” meeting. Each location will be participating in the meeting via polycom. Please join us from any of the locations listed below.

Meeting Locations:


All conference rooms within Suite 100


4.116 Admin Bldg

5.521 Levin Hall

6.100 Rebecca Sealy

When joining the meeting, please:

  1. Mute your mic. There was quite a bit of background noise that made it difficult for people to hear what Todd was saying.
  2. Join the meeting only once. If you are in a conference room, please do not connect to the meeting from your laptop or other device. We need all available space to ensure everyone that wants to participate is able to do so.
  3. If within walking distance, please participate in one of the conference rooms listed to ensure we have enough availability for all to participate.


Todd will be accepting questions prior to and during the meeting. Please submit your questions via the anonymous feedback form that was published to our blog (IS Watercooler). The messages are sent directly to Todd’s e-mail and are completely anonymous. The link to the feedback form is

Thank you,


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