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Dr. Hansen completed a clinical fellowship in Sexual Medicine and has an interest in all aspects of sexual health, female sexual dysfunction, hypoactive sexual desire disorder, marital issues, family planning and menopausal assessment and treatment. Although an MD trained in obstetrics and gynecology, she supports her patients with medical, non-medical, and counseling treatment options. She completed a Master’s of Public Health at Johns Hopkins with an interest in Maternal and Child Health and International Health. Dr. Hansen takes an active and passionate role in the health and quality of life of the patients and the community she serves.

Menopause: What is happening to me?

Dr. Catherine Hansen
Dr. Catherine Hansen

After talking to a group of women at a wellness clinic last night, I realized how a little information about our bodies can go a long way!  Enjoy this information about menopause and watch for more in the series:

 Not all women realize they are “menopausal” and many women go through these changes without needing to seek medical advice or note any problems at all.  If you are in this category, don’t worry about the lack of symptoms and don’t go looking for answers to questions you don’t have.  There is no need to test your “hormones” or start any medications but some of the following advice may help to maximize your preventative health strategies as you negotiate menopause gracefully. Continue reading