May 28

FOR RHP 2 DSRIP PROJECT OWNERS – C3 Patient Satisfaction

Dear RHP 2 DSRIP Project Owners:

HHSC has sent me a clarification to share with RHP 2 DSRIP project owners regarding Category 3 (Patient Satisfaction).  HHSC is concerned that the following information may have not been communicated clearly on Thursday’s RHP 2 Technical Assistance call.

If the project cover sheet does not identify that there is an issue with Category 3 (Patient Satisfaction) (5C), HHSC’s assumption is that CMS does not have an issue with patient satisfaction for that project and the provider does not need to add a Category 3 outcome (including TBD for a non-hospital provider).

For non-hospital providers that have 5C checked on their cover sheet, they can either:

  • Replace patient satisfaction with “TBD”; or,
  • Add “TBD” and keep the patient satisfaction outcome as well in order to get their DY 2-3 value back up to its original value (assuming that was the project’s only issue).

If you have any questions, I am here to assist.

Thank you,

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