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Jun 25

RHP 2: DEADLINE for Adding Additional SharePoint Contacts for Providers & IGT Entity Representatives

Dear RHP 2 Performing Providers:

I have received several inquiries about the SharePoint contact list that was sent out yesterday by HHSC.  Per the state, a provider can add additional SharePoint contacts; and, in fact, it is highly recommended that providers have at least one (1) backup contact.  Bobbie Guyton will update the master Excel spreadsheet for RHP 2’s SharePoint users.  By close of business this Friday, June 28, 2013, please confirm the SharePoint user(s) is/are correct, and advise if you wish to add any additional access for your facility.  If so, we need the following:

  • First and Last Name, E-Mail Address, Organization Name

Send the above information via e-mail to Bobbie at bjguyton@utmb.edu, with a cc: to me at: cskovace@utmb.edu .  Please type: SharePoint User Update/Facility Name in the subject line.

It is highly recommended that your IGT Entity also have at least one (1) backup contact, too.  So, please ensure that you check the [attached file] for IGT Entity contacts.  If you are not your own IGT Entity, it is your responsibility to make sure the IGT Entity you have identified to fund your projects has provided you a backup contact.  Please use the same deadline and format of: First and Last Name, E-Mail Address, Organization Name.

NOTE:   Updates to the attached list are just for SharePoint access, and the added contacts will not receive other HHSC notices. If a provider needs to add an additional contact to receive HHSC notices, they will need to fill out the Contact Information Change Form posted the HHSC website at http://www.hhsc.state.tx.us/1115-waiver.shtml.

Many thanks!


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Jun 03

Draft of Proposed DSRIP Monitoring Rule

Good Afternoon Region 2:

As we discussed at the April 12, 2013 RHP 2 1115 Waiver Meeting, HHSC has been considering options for funding waiver monitoring.  Attached are the draft rules [IGT Allocation for Waiver Monitoring Rule] [IGT Allocation for Waiver Monitoring Preamble] from HHSC that address proposed IGT withholding in order to fund DSRIP monitoring activities at the state level.  If you would like to comment on the proposed rules, please see the contact information in the e-mail below from Lisa Kirsch.

Craig Continue reading

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Jun 03

Additional Phase 1 Guidance for Anchors and Providers

HHSC has provided additional guidance for your response to CMS feedback, specifically:

  • Please encourage providers to carefully review the companion document. We are getting a significant volume of questions that are addressed in the companion document, which is slowing us down.
  • Please send cover sheets and projects in separate documents, rather than a single document in Word format (not PDF).
  • For projects not yet submitted, we are asking that the name of the file includes the RHP # and project ID; for example: RHP1-137074409.1.4. (Since we will be sending to CMS in weekly batches this will help us to track each project separately.)
  • Questions and responses from required appendices should be included in the cover sheet and include both the question and provider responses.
  • Projects from Table 5 for which the provider is accepting the proposed value, or a non-hospital provider that is committing to a Cat 3 clinical measure TBD, will be processed first to enable inclusion in the August reporting period. When either of these options is selected, no other changes can be made to the project that weakens the project; for example, deleting milestones or reducing the number of patients served. When this has occurred, the project will be returned to the provider and the project may not be included in the August reporting period.
  • The remaining projects will be reviewed as received; however, we are asking that providers take the time needed to submit solid information rather than rushing to submit. The timelines that have been proposed are to keep the process moving, but are not hard deadlines.
  • Any changes at this point that weaken a project will be returned to the provider. These changes will need to be approved through the plan modification process.
  • If you submit a project for HHSC staff review, and we think the information is sufficient for CMS pre-review or formal review, we will send it on. We are a working on system to notify providers when projects go to CMS.
  • If a provider is submitting additional information to justify a proposed value or project, a summary should be included in the cover sheet that is no more that ½ page, preferably in bullets. Concise summary information will assist HHSC and CMS – additional supporting documentation can be attached.
  • Please be courteous to our staff that is working very hard on your behalf.

Before submitting cover sheets (and projects as applicable) from providers, we are asking that anchors review and check that all required documents, including appendices, are included. Any submissions that do not include all the documentation needed will be returned. We will not log in a cover sheet response without all required documents.

We will process the information as quickly as we are able, but given that there are over 400 projects with Phase 1 issues, processing will take some time.

Thanks for your continued hard work as we work to get as many projects approved as possible.

Please work with us to make certain to meet their needs and requests.

Thank you,
Tom Riley

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