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Oct 30

1115 Waiver: DSRIP Phase 4 Webinar – November 6, 2013/10:00 am CST

Dear RHP 2 Providers,

Early next week HHSC will be sending out your Phase 4 templates and a Phase 4 companion document.  To facilitate completion of Phase 4 deliverables, HHSC will be hosting a webinar on Wednesday, November 6, 2013.

Remember Phase 4 is the “clean-up” phase:  DY3-5 milestones/metrics review and the long-awaited priority technical corrections.  I also understand that plan modifications will be discussed in next week’s webinar.

Log in information is below.

DSRIP Phase 4 Webinar
Wednesday, November 6, 2013, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm CST
1) Go to www.webex.com

2) Click on Attend Meeting

3) Enter Meeting Number: 805 595 877 (no password necessary)

4) Call (no password necessary)

To join the audio conference: All participants should dial 800-396-3172 (no password necessary). You will be placed directly into the audio conference.

Participants can choose to log in online to view the slides and listen to the audio conference OR to call in only for the audio portion.  Participants should dial in to the audio portion of the meeting 15 minutes prior to the start of the Webinar. They automatically will be connected to the meeting room and will hear music until the start of the webinar.

If you experience technical difficulties accessing the webinar or should you have any questions, please email waiver staff at: TXHealthcareTransformation@hhsc.state.tx.us.  Please note that when a large number of people are trying to access the webinar/audio conference at the same time you may have difficulty logging on, so please try again if you get an error message.

Please contact me or a member of my team if you have questions.

Thank you,


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Oct 29

FOR PUBLIC COMMENT: Proposed rule for funding of DSRIP monitoring

Dear RHP 2:

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) has published new proposed rules related to funding the monitoring process of the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program under the Medicaid 1115 Transformation Waiver.  This rule is a revised version of what HHSC proposed during the summer, and has been modified to incorporate some comments received from stakeholders and HHSC discussions with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

This rule will go before the HHSC Medical Care Advisory Committee (MCAC) on November 8, 2013 and the HHSC Council on November 22, 2013, and will be published as proposed in the Texas Register in early January 2014.  Attached are two documents for review: [Rule] and [Preamble].

HHSC welcomes any comments waiver stakeholders may have between now until the end of the formal 30-day comment period.  Written comments on the proposal may be submitted to HHSC within 30 days after publication of this proposal in the Texas Register, via one of the three (3) following ways:

By Mail:
Mr. Charles Greenberg
Assistant General Counsel
Office of General Counsel
Health and Human Services Commission
Mail Code-1070
P.O. Box 13247
Austin, Texas, 78711
By Fax:
(512) 424-6586
By E-mail:

Thnak you,

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Oct 29

DEADLINE REMINDER: DY2 October Reporting Deadline is Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dear RHP 2 Performing Providers:

Please make sure your organization’s 1115 Medicaid Waiver lead has all DY2 reporting documents in by this Thursday’s deadline.

Below is the initial information sent by HHSC earlier this month, which has links to important DY2 reporting instructions.  I also want to point out a few important items, specifically the items I have “bolded”:

  •  Required semi-annual reporting for all projects and metrics/milestones, even if those metrics were reported in August; refer to p. 3-4 in the Companion Document.
  • Options for DY2 Category 3 reporting, refer to p. 5-7 in the Companion Document.  Any approved Cat 1 or 2 project may opt to use the Cat 3 status update in lieu of reporting on the specific Cat 3 milestones in October.  This includes projects that reported in August and had Cat 3 milestones that were not approved for payment and/or for which more information was needed from August reporting.
  • Opportunity to carry forward DY2 Category 1 or 2 metrics and Category 3 milestones for achievement in DY3 by answering the three carry-forward questions for the applicable metric/milestone.
  • One issue HHSC would like to highlight for October reporting is that you should not report a metric/milestone as completed until it is completed.  For August reporting ONLY, if a provider reported a milestone as completed that actually has not been completed, there will be a one-time opportunity in October to change the status to “No-Partially Completed” in order to carry forward that metric for late achievement reporting in DY3.  If a provider reports a metric/milestone as completed in October and it does not supply adequate supporting documentation either in October or December for HHSC/CMS to approve it, the provider will no longer be eligible for payment for that metric/milestone.  This applies to DY3-5 reporting as well. Refer to p. 4-5 in the Companion Document.

My team and I continue to stand ready to assist you as you work towards meeting this week’s deadline.  Specific to this reporting period for regional partners, Kathy Tiernan can be reached by e-mail at:  (ktiernan@utmb.edu) or by phone at: 409.747.2738 should you need any last minute support or a resource for questions.

Thank you,
Craig Kovacevich

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Oct 28

Performance Logic DSRIP Tracker – Recent Software Updates [Carry Forward]- Release 6.2.6

Please see the important announcement below re: software updates to Performance Logic.

Craig Kovacevich
Dear RHP 2 Participant,

You have received this email because you have been listed as a Department Administrator for your organization. Please forward and distribute this information to your Project Managers and Team Members.

Performance Logic released a series of enhancements to the DSRIP software module on October 25, 2013. These enhancements were developed based on feedback and requests from users of the DSRIP Tracker.

As always, Performance Logic is fully committed to all of our clients. Should you experience any problem using our product or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (888) 407-1705 x 2 or e-mail us at support@performancelogic.com.

Important Announcements
With a number of Performing Providers carrying forward their DY2 milestones to DY3, PL has added additional functionality to the Carry Forward process within the DSRIP Tracker which will offer better tracking and reporting capabilities. See below for a description of the change and instructions for Strategy Level reporting around Carry Forward.

The following new features have been released:

Strategy & Reporting Features

1.)  Carry Forward option location change

The Carry Forward option was previously located within the Category 1 & 2 Milestone and the Category 3 Improvement Target(s) tables under the Status Column. We have removed the option from the Status dropdown and created a new column titled Carry Forward. This new column displays a dropdown when selected with options of Yes or No.

If you ARE NOT carrying forward your DY2 Milestone, leave the Carry Forward option as “No”.

If you ARE carrying forward your DY2 Milestone, change the Carry Forward option to “Yes”. Once chosen, the Reporting Period field will default back to “Not Reported” and the Status field will default back to “In Process”.

*Previously selected “Carry Forward” status under the Status Column has been updated to reflect “Yes” under the new Carry Forward column.

2.)  New Carry Forward functionality in the Financial Impact view.

If a DY 2 milestone was marked as Carry Forward with a “Yes” under the Carry Forward column in a Category 1 & 2 Milestone or a Category 3 Improvement Target(s) table, the DY2 Carry Forward Milestone Incentive amounts are moved forward to be included in the DY 3 Financial Incentives.

3.)  Strategy Reports- Filtering instructions for Carry Forward

In order to filter Carry Forward Milestones, you must add the Carry Forward Column to your report. Once you have added the column you will then see Carry Forward filters (All, Yes, No).

To create a report to show only DY3 Milestones and their Incentive Amounts, you must select the following filters: DY-3, Carry Forward- No.

To create a report to show DY3 Milestones and DY2 Milestones marked as Carry Forward, you must select the following filters:

DY-2, DY- 3, Carry Forward- Yes.

To create a report to show only DY2 Milestones and their Incentive Amounts, you must select the following filters:

DY-2, Carry Forward- All.

If you have any questions,  whether it be for the recent updates or other features of the tool,  please feel free to contact me.

Best regards,
Jeff Phruksaraj, PMP | Director of Client Services
Performance Logic Inc. | www.performancelogic.com
East Broadway, Suite E, New York, NY 10002
Office: 212.253.0545 x115  | Cell: 917.796.1980 | Fax: 212.253.0565



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Oct 28

1115 Medicaid Waiver Updates: Public Meeting, IGT/DSRIP Payment Dates, etc.

Dear Region 2 Stakeholders:

As a reminder, we will hold our final public hearing on 3-Year DSRIP project submissions tomorrow, October 29, 2013.  The meeting will be held at 3 PM at the Rosenberg Library’s Wortham Auditorium in Galveston.  The meeting is open to all interested parties. 

Please note the following updates communicated to Anchors by HHSC:

  •  IGT and DSRIP payment dates for October DY2 reporting have been set:

                  December 20, 2013: Notification of IGT required for October DY2 DSRIP payments

                  January 7, 2014:                    IGT due for October DY 2 DSRIP payments

                  January 21, 2014:                  October DY2 DSRIP payments for transferring hospitals

                  January 27, 2014:                  October DY 2 DSRIP payments for all other providers

  • CMS is getting up and running with work that was postponed during the government shutdown, and HHSC has learned that CMS approval on the 48 remaining projects may come the first week of November instead of by the end of October, as previously projected. We will pass along any information to you as soon as we get it. 
  • The October DY2 Reporting Webinar from October 17, 2013 has been posted on the waiver website: http://www.hhsc.state.tx.us/1115-webinar-archive.shtml. We have heard from some people that they have had trouble accessing other webinars posted on the website, and we have found that using a browser other than Internet Explorer can help.  There is also an optional link below the posted webinar to download a Windows Media Video file of the webinar instead. 

Thank you,


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Oct 24

Updated DY2 October Reporting Companion Document

Dear RHP 2 Performing Providers:

Thank you to those who participated in the October Reporting webinar that was held Thursday, October 17, 2013.  HHSC has made updates to the Companion document (attached) based on your questions. The new information is highlighted in yellow. The revised Companion document is also posted on the waiver website at the following link: http://www.hhsc.state.tx.us/1115-docs/DY2Companion.pdf

A summary of updates is as follows:

  • Required semi-annual progress reports starting on page 3:  Clarifications are added for completing this section for metrics that were reported achieved in August reporting.
  • Carry-forward requests starting on page 4: Please note that the “Progress Update” field must also be completed for carry-forward milestones/metrics. HHSC will not assume that a milestone/metric that is indicated as “No-Partially Completed” or “No-Not Started” needs to be carried forward. The carry forward questions must be answered.
  • HHSC review of August reports: paragraph on page 6 to provide instruction on entering status if metrics were achieved in August. The designation of “No-Partially Completed” or “No-Not Started” is needed in order to show as “Complete” in the “Progress Tracker”. This designation will not impact metrics approved in August.
  • Additional General Guidance clarification on page 8: additional information on reporting if a provider is deviating from a metric.
  • Category 3 instructions paragraph on page 10: This is a change from the webinar. If a Category 3 outcome measure does not include DY 2 milestones, then no DY 2 reporting for Category 3 is required.

HHSC recommends that providers review the Companion document completely to report metrics in a manner to support achievement of DSRIP. If you have any questions, please submit to the waiver mailbox no later than October 25, 2013.

As a reminder, Kathy Tiernan is a resource for RHP 2 providers who need assistance with DY 2 reporting (or supporting documentation questions).  She can be reached at ktiernan@utmb.edu and 409.747.2738.  Likewise, Susan Seidensticker is an additional resource for quality support, specifically Category 3 and 4 processes and outcome measures.  Susan is at smseiden@utmb.edu or 409.766.4041.  Please feel free to reach out to Kathy or Susan for assistance. 

Thank you,

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Oct 18

Initial Prioritized List of Proposed DY 3-5 DSRIP Projects Announced for RHP 2

Dear Region 2 Stakeholders:

Following two initial public meetings in September regarding the submission and scoring process for DY 3-5 DSRIP projects, 17 proposals were evaluated by the members of the Regional Steering Committee (RSC) on October 8, 2013.

Attached are two (2) documents for your review:

RHP 2’s DY 3-5 DSRIP Project Scorecard (ScoreCard)

RHP 2’s initial prioritized list of proposed DY 3-5 DSRIP projects, based on RSC members scores (Prioritized List)

The initial prioritized list attached to this e-mail show rankings BEFORE the Intergovernmental Transfer (IGT) rotation process; so, the final version submitted to HHSC may differ.*

Next Steps in RHP 2:

Validate the Intergovernmental Transfer (IGT) status in order to alternate/rotate projects.

  • Identify the proposed value of each project for DY 3-5 (provided by the performing provider).
  • Finalize the regional list to submit to HHSC; based on community needs and alternated by IGT entity (i.e. two projects supported by the same IGT entity may not be consecutively listed unless there is no other IGT seeking to fund projects that meet a community need (and other waiver requirements) in that RHP.)
  • Submit final prioritized list of projects and their associated values to HHSC by close of business on October 31, 2013. 
  • Announce HHSC/CMS feedback after their review of the final prioritized list.

 We welcome your feedback and offer two (2) different ways to comment on submitted projects, processes or outcomes:

E-mail:  anhpham@utmb.edu (by 12 pm, October 29, 2013)

Public Meeting:  3 pm, October 29, 2013, Rosenberg Library (Wortham Auditorium), 2310 Sealy, Galveston, Texas 77550

Thank you,


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Oct 17

RHP 2 Learning Collaborative Notification and Contract for Participation (Action Needed)

Dear RHP 2 Stakeholders,

Please see the attached information (Readmissions Collaborative MOU Fall 2013 Cohort) from Mark S. Kirschbaum, RN, PhD, UTMB’s Chief Quality, Safety and Clinical Information Officer, regarding Region 2’s Learning Collaborative.  I echo Dr. Kirschbaum’s welcome to Susan Seidensticker who has joined our team as Director, Waiver Quality Operations.  With the guidance of UTMB’s Quality Department behind the initiative, I am confident Region 2 will prove to be a model for Learning Collaboratives around the state under the 1115 Medicaid Waiver. 

After you review the introduction letter and the corresponding memorandum of understanding for participation, please sign and return the form stating your intent to participate in the initial collaborative focusing on 30-day readmissions.

Within the next few weeks, we will be reaching back out with additional information on next steps of the collaborative.  Likewise, Susan will be personally contacting each organization in the region to gain a better understanding of ways to best support their needs related to quality initiatives, both in the collaborative and with Category 3 and 4 measures.

Should you have questions or need assistance prior to Susan’s outreach, please contact her at:  409.766.4041 or smseiden@utmb.edu.   

Thank you,

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Oct 15

DY2 October Reporting Templates and Documents Posted

ALL providers are required to provide semi-annual report information in the October DY2 Reporting Template for every project regardless of whether the milestone/metric was reported for payment in August or October or will be carried forward to DY3. DSRIP payments may be withheld until the complete report is submitted.

The DY2 October reporting templates have been posted on the waiver website: http://www.hhsc.state.tx.us/1115-Waiver-Guideline.shtml.  As with August reporting, the zip file for each RHP contains the individual provider templates.

The following documents were also posted:

  • DY2 Reporting Template Instructions (updated for October reporting)
  • DY2 Reporting Companion Document (updated for October reporting)
  • IGT Entity Feedback Template (due to HHSC by November 15, if desired)
  • Category 3 October DY2 Reporting Template (new for October reporting)

There were some glitches with some of the links when they were initially posted on Friday afternoon, but they should all be working now.  Please email the waiver mailbox at txhealthcaretransformation@hhsc.state.tx.us if you have any questions.


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Oct 15

Do not respond to the three spending-related questions on the DSRIP October reporting template

DSRIP Providers:

HHSC received many questions from DSRIP providers last week about how to fill out out three new questions on lines 64-66 of the October payment reporting workbook specific to each project.

  1. What percent and dollar value of your DSRIP payments received to date for this project have been spent on the project?
  2. Of the funds not spent on this project, how were they spent or how do you intend to spend them?
  3. If the answer to #1 is 100% and additional funds have been spent on the DSRIP project, you may provide information on additional funds spent.

HHSC understands and shares the concerns expressed regarding how to answer these questions.  Given all the provider inquiries last week and HHSC’s inability to provide adequate guidance at this time regarding how to respond to these three questions, HHSC is instructing providers not to answer these questions for the October 2013 DSRIP reporting period.  HHSC will work with CMS on how to handle this issue in future reporting periods, and will include Texas DSRIP providers in that conversation.


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