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Nov 22

RHP 2: 1115 Waiver Updates, including Deadline Information

Dear Region 2 Performing Providers and Stakeholders:

I wanted to share some updates in advance of Thanksgiving week, since many of you will be out of the office.

  •  CMS has confirmed they plan to send formal communication regarding the pending 48 Phase 1 projects the week of November 25, 2013.  Per HHSC, their understanding is that all but two (2) projects will be approved; but some of the approved projects will receive a reduced valuation for DY 2-3.  As soon as we receive formal notification, we will pass this information on to those providers impacted in Region 2.
  •  Our office has received many inquiries from DSRIP providers regarding Phase 4.  We are working to triage issues, and are consulting with HHSC on behalf of providers.  Please note that as stated in the Phase 4 Companion Document, today, Friday, November 22, 2013 is the last day HHSC will entertain Phase 4 question via the waiver mailbox.  Please ensure that you read the Phase 4 Companion Document and adhere to their instructions.  This is critical for evaluation of DY 4-5.  Please remember that your Phase 4 Excel workbook and any required narrative changes must be sent to us, as anchor, along with any plan modification forms.  If you have not sent these to Bobbie Guyton ( with a cc: to me (, we ask that you do so as soon as possible.
  •  If you are a Region 2 Performing Provider who submitted a DY 3-5 DSRIP Project proposal to the Regional Steering Committee (RSC) for review, you should have received a separate e-mail from me earlier today containing the following:
  • New 3-Year Projects Workbook
  • New 3-Year Projects Workbook Template Instructions
  • Three-Year Projects Webinar presentation

HHSC has ruled that only submissions that met the DY 3-5 proposal deadline are eligible to submit full plans for review and consideration; hence, no new additions can be added at this time.

I will be out of the office next week, but accessible by both e-mail and cell (281-806-0347).  Likewise, we will have waiver staff at the office Monday through Wednesday, but are closed Thursday and Friday for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Thank you,

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Nov 15

Annual Report

Dear RHP 2 Performing Providers,

We received the template to guide us in producing the DY 2 Annual Report, which is required for each region.  Our anchor team is in process of reviewing the requirements so that we may begin to construct the report for RHP 2.  In reviewing the instructions, we noted that HHSC and CMS are very interested in feedback related to lessons learned, challenges/obstacles encountered and other pertinent feedback from stakeholders regarding the waiver process to date.

We understand you are busy with completing Phase 4 revisions by Friday, November 22, but we also would like to ask that you share any thoughts on the above topics by November 22nd as well.  Please bullet your thoughts and send by e-mail to Craig Kovacevich with a copy to Bobbie Guyton.

Thank you,

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Nov 15

Phase 4 webinar posted on HHSC 1115 Waiver website

Dear RHP 2 Project Owners and Performing Provider Contacts:

The Phase 4 [DSRIP] webinar from November 6, 2013 has been posted on the HHSC 1115 Waiver website:

Please note that there is also an optional link below the posted webinar to download a Windows Media Video file of the webinar instead.

I encourage you to review it if you did not participate in the live broadcast.  It contains useful information as you work through the Phase 4 process.

Please reach out to me personally if you have any questions.  Via e-mail: or phone at: 409-766-4047.

Thank you,

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Nov 06

TIME SENSITIVE: DSRIP Phase 4 due date set

RHP 2:

Performing providers should have received the notice below from HHSC.  Please read the instructions carefully to avoid any issues with your DSRIP projects.  Failure to adhere to the requirements, may result in project penalties and/or disruptions.

HHSC has tasked the anchors to receive and compile all spreadsheets.  In order to meet HHSC’s deadline, RHP 2 has established a regional deadline of 5 pm, Monday December 2, 2013.   Please send your completed spreadsheets to Bobbie Guyton at with a cc: to Mary Gonzalez at  The anchor team will compile all submissions into the master file and submit to HHSC on/before the deadline.

We strongly encourage you to take advantage of the HHSC Phase 4 webinar today, Wednesday, November 06, 2013 at 10 am (webinar information below).

DSRIP Phase 4 Webinar
Wednesday, November 6, 2013, 10:00am – 12:00pm CST
1) Go to

2) Click on Attend Meeting

3) Enter Meeting Number: 805 595 877 (no password necessary)

4) Call (no password necessary)

To join the audio conference: All participants should dial 800-396-3172 (no password necessary). You will be placed directly into the audio conference.

Participants can choose to log in online to view the slides and listen to the audio conference OR to call in only for the audio portion.  Participants should dial in to the audio portion of the meeting 15 minutes prior to the start of the Webinar. They automatically will be connected to the meeting room and will hear music until the start of the webinar.

If you experience technical difficulties accessing the webinar or should you have any questions, please email waiver staff at:  Please note that when a large number of people are trying to access the webinar/audio conference at the same time you may have difficulty logging on, so please try again if you get an error message.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to HHSC via the waiver mailbox at: or contact our office at: 409-766-4045 for assistance.
Thank you,

Performing Providers and Anchors,

Thank you for your October Reporting submissions. The HHSC and concurrent CMS review is getting underway.

The purpose of this message is to provide information needed for Phase 4 of RHP Plan Review. The timeline for submission to HHSC is Friday, Dec. 6. We are requesting that the submissions come from Anchors.

The files you will need to complete Phase 4 are now posted on the HHSC waiver website at this link: A Companion document with instructions is also posted. Since the files are too large for e-mail transmission, once the files are completed, anchors will send to Deloitte via email or by mailing a CD or USB drive to HHSC.

There are three major activities included in Phase 4:

  1. Priority technical corrections from the RHP Plan review by HHSC and CMS.
  2. Technical changes needed for  DY 3-5 milestones to have quantifiable metrics for payment.
  3. Opportunity to submit Plan Modification Requests.

Per the Program Funding and Mechanics Protocol, all corrections requested in Phase 4 (items 1 and 2 above) must be addressed by the provider and approved by HHSC and CMS in order for a project to be eligible for DSRIP payment starting in DY 3.

Please note that any Priority Technical Corrections related to Category 3 will be addressed at a later date. HHSC is continuing to work with CMS to finalize Category 3 outcomes. We are working towards Category 3 implementation that is feasible for providers for current timelines for the remaining demonstration years. We do anticipate that, due to focus on reviewing DY 2 October Reporting in November, that further communication on Category 3 will occur in December.

For Plan Modification Requests, the Companion document specifies that HHSC will prioritize Plan Modification requests that impact DY 3. The next round of plan modification requests will be accepted by HHSC in June 2014 (specific date to be determined).  The June 2014 plan modification requests may apply to DY 4 and/or DY 5.  If a performing provider needs to modify a project only for DY 4-5 (not DY 3), HHSC strongly recommends that the plan modifications be submitted in June 2014 rather than December 2013 to avoid duplicate work both for the provider and HHSC.  If a provider submits a plan modification for DY 4-5 only in December 2013, HHSC will prioritize review of the request after requests for plan modifications that include DY 3.  (It may take HHSC longer than 30 days to take action on a plan modification request for DY4-5 submitted in December.)

As always, please send any questions you have to the Waiver mailbox (  Please specify “Phase 4” and which major Phase 4 area you have a question about (Priority Technical Correction, Non-quantifiable Metrics, or Plan Modification) in the subject line. We are planning staff time for responding to questions.

Thank you for your continued work to transform healthcare in Texas.

Amanda Broden
Healthcare Transformation Waiver Operations
Medicaid/CHIP Division
Texas Health and Human Services Commission
(512) 462-6388



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