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Feb 28

SAVE THE DATE: Behavioral Health Learning Collaborative, March 20, 2014

Dear RHP 2 Performing Providers & Stakeholders,

Katrina Lambrecht joins me in extending an invitation for you to participate in Region 2’s Behavioral Health Learning Collaborative kick-off.

Date:  Thursday, March 20, 2014
Time:  9:00 am – 3:00 pm
Location:  UTMB Health, Levin Hall Dining Room (2nd Floor), 301 University Blvd., Galveston, TX

The Behavioral Health Learning Collaborative Steering Committee is working to finalize the agenda, and structure the day to allow individuals to participate in themed discussions specific to their interest(s).

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Feb 26

Category 3 Compendium Measures

Dear RHP 2 DSRIP Project Owners:

Attached is the initial batch of compendium measures published by HHSC.  79 of the 352 Category 3 measures are attached.  HHSC will continue to send groups of measures out this week and also post them to the HHSC Waiver website. [https://ispace.utmb.edu/xythoswfs/webview/_xy-6526102_1] [https://ispace.utmb.edu/xythoswfs/webview/_xy-6526105_1] [https://ispace.utmb.edu/xythoswfs/webview/_xy-6526108_1] [https://ispace.utmb.edu/xythoswfs/webview/_xy-6526111_1] [https://ispace.utmb.edu/xythoswfs/webview/_xy-6525799_1].

You will notice that the only completed OD at this point is OD5.  The files for OD’s 1, 6 and 12 contain many or most of the measures from these domains.  HHSC is working to complete these domains next, and will send updated OD files containing all measures for those domains as soon as possible.  Following these domains, HHSC anticipates OD’s 2,3,9 and 10 will be the next groups prepared.

We are working with HHSC on a technical assistance call specific for RHP 2 next week.  We will announce call details as soon as possible. Likewise, RHP 2 Anchor Office staff is reaching out to project owners to offer assistance.


Craig S. Kovacevich, MA

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Feb 24

TIME SENSITIVE: Category 3 Provider Selection Template Available and due 03/10/2014

Dear Region 2 Providers:

Attached is the Category 3 Provider Selection Template (“selection tool”) that is required by HHSC [https://ispace.utmb.edu/xythoswfs/webview/_xy-6504651_1].  The deadline is Monday, March 10, 2014.  HHSC has instructed providers to submit templates directly to Deloitte, with a cc: to their respective anchor.   Per HHSC, an e-mail address to use for Deloitte will be provided prior to the deadline (Please do not use the DY 2 reporting e-mail address to send in the “selection tool.”)

Additionally, I am sharing other important items and instructions that were provided to anchors.  Please take time to read through the following information which will supplement today’s HHSC Technical Assistance Call:

As previously communicated, Kathy Tiernan is available to assist you with the Category 3 process.  She can be reached at ktiernan@utmb.edu or via phone at 409.747.2738 (office) or 409.599.6197 (cell).

Thank you,


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Feb 21

RHP 2 1115 Waiver Meeting Minutes-02/14/14

[Attached] are the minutes from the meeting on Friday, February 14, 2014.

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Feb 19

02/14/14 Anchor Update

RHP 2 Performing Providers and Stakeholders:

Please see the e-mail below from HHSC regarding Category 3 as we discussed in our meeting today.  Also, HHSC has provided some important information on 3 Year Projects and October reporting.

Craig Kovacevich, MA


Dear Anchors,
We have some updates on a few topics:

Category 3

Attached are two documents related to Category 3 Alternate Improvement Activities: a description of Stretch Activities and one for Priority Population Focused Measures. The new Priority Population Focused Measures spreadsheet includes tabs for Hospital PPE measures, Community Mental Health Center (CMHC) specific measures, and Physician Practice specific measures. These documents will also be updated on the website.

The selection tool, companion document and additional resources around outcome selection, measurement and reporting will be available next week.

[Access Category 3 Stretch Activities]

[Priority Population Focused Measures]

3-year Projects
As mentioned previously, HHSC is prioritizing review of new 3-year projects from the four RHPs not able to use much of their DSRIP allocation in the original plan submission (RHPs 5, 8, 17 and 20).

RHPs 8 and 17 will be receiving feedback today (2/14/14) and the other two early next week.  The feedback will be provided to anchors with the expectation that anchors will coordinate with providers (providers will also be receiving a copy of the email from HHSC). Workbooks will be posted on the waiver website as soon as possible once an RHP has been notified.  Feedback will be at the provider level and project level.  Please read and follow the instructions carefully!

October reporting – NMI metrics
HHSC has completed the review of documentation submitted for NMI metrics for October DY2 reporting.  We had planned to be able to send the feedback to providers today, but we will instead be sending it early next week.

Please let us know if you have any questions, but be advised that Monday, February 17 is a federal/state holiday so not all waiver staff will be in the office and you may not receive a response to your inquiry until Tuesday.

Amanda Broden
Healthcare Transformation Waiver Operations
Medicaid/CHIP Division
Texas Health and Human Services Commission
(512) 462-6388

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