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May 30

Final DY2 UC Payment Amounts and IGT Instructions

Providers and Government Entities:

Attached to this email you will find a workbook titled “DY2 Uncompensated Care Final Payment Amounts” that contains two tabs. The tab titled “IGT Commitment Amount” contains all of the amounts submitted by governmental entities in the IGT commitment forms, which have been reduced to the final IGT amounts based on the haircut applied by HHSC. These amounts are by affiliation, so there are multiple affiliations for many providers that comprise their final IGT amount, depending on how many government entities a provider has to fund their IGT.  The other tab is titled “HHSC UC Database” and lists the final UC amounts by provider, also showing the methodology HHSC used when applying the haircut. This spreadsheet also gives a breakdown of the various numbers that comprise each providers final payment amount (HSL, Schedules 1 and 2, adjustments, etc.).

Government Entities need to reference column L (Final IGT Amount or Annual IGT Recoupment) in the “IGT Commitment Amount” tab and column AR (Final Waiver Year 2 IGT Amount or Annual IGT Recoupment) in the “HHSC UC Database” tab for their final IGT amounts.

HHSC is asking that all Government Entities submit their IGT’s into TexNet no later than Tuesday, June 3rd, and when the IGT is entered, select a settlement date of Wednesday, June 4th. The settlement date is the day that the comptroller will draw the funds from the entities account, and it is very important to select the correct settlement date when entering the IGT transaction into TexNet.

While Government Entities that are IGT’ing for multiple providers may submit one lump sum IGT for everyone, HHSC asks that if you are submitting IGT for multiple providers to complete the attached allocation form. This form is very simple to populate using the “IGT Commitment Amount” tab, and will give  the HHSC Rate Analysis Department an allocation of the  lump sum IGT so we will know how much of the lump sum to apply to each provider.

Once you have submitted your IGT into TexNet you will receive a receipt that HHSC refers to as the Trace Sheet. HHSC asks that ALL IGT’ing entities send their Trace Sheets and Allocation Forms to the UC Tools mailbox at . If you have any questions or require any assistance, please send a message to the UC Tools mailbox, and thank you for all of your help and dedication in making the final DY2 UC payments.

[DY2 Uncompensated Care Final Payment Amounts]

[DY2 Allocation Form]

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May 21

1115 Waiver Anchor Call Notes – 05/16/14 Anchor

Dear RHP 2:

Below are the anchor call notes from May 16, 2014 hosted by HHSC. The notes and attached files contain pertinent updates for providers and some stakeholder groups.  Much of this information will be discussed at the RHP 2 regional meeting on June 6, 2014, but I encourage you to call or e-mail with any questions on time-sensitive information.

[Anchor Meeting]


[Category 3]

Thank you,

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May 09

DY 2 Uncompensated Care (UC) Summary

Dear RHP 2 Providers:

Below is the initial email sent by HHSC.  I wanted to make sure all providers in RHP 2 received this communication.  I apolgize if it’s a duplication.  Thanks.


HHSC Rate Analysis Department has completed the analysis of the DY 2 Uncompensated Care (UC) Applications.  Rate Analysis is providing the [attached] summary of this analysis which provides the provisional Total Allowable DY 2 Uncompensated Care Payment.

Rate Analysis informed providers through email on April 1, 2014 that the Inpatient SDA Adjustments, TMHP Cross-over days for Non-DSH hospitals, and some TMHP In-patient Fee-For Service charges in the original TXHUC applications sent to hospitals were incorrect. We have since updated the TXHUC applications with the correct data, which is reflected in the attached summary.

Advance DY 2 UC Payments that were made in 2013 will be deducted from the final DY 2 allowable payment amount. The final eligible payment amounts will also be reduced as necessary to remain within the DY 2 UC Cap (commonly referred to as the “haircut”).

Please review the information and send any questions you have to

All questions and emails are due by COB Friday May 9th.

The Master Affiliation Database current as of April 28, 2014, is available on the Rate Analysis Website.  Any new affiliations issued after April 28, 2014, will not appear in this database however, those affiliations are active. Please review the affiliations for your entity and notify HHSC Rate Analysis if there are any affiliation(s) listed that is no longer active.



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