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Mar 31

DY3 Provisional NMI Results and; April DY4 Reporting Update

Dear Region 2 Performing Providers and Stakeholders:

Please see the information below from HHSC.  Thanks.


The April DY4 DSRIP reporting season is upon us.  Please note the updates below.

October DY3 Provisional NMI Results

  • HHSC has completed the review of provisionally approved metrics that received “Need More Information” (NMI) requests.  HHSC will notify providers today via email with coversheet if a provisionally approved metric was ultimately not approved.  If a provider does not receive notification that a provisionally approved metric was not approved, the provider can assume that all provisionally approved metrics will remain approved.  To be clear, if you do not receive a coversheet from us today, your provisionally reviewed metrics were approved.  For provisionally approved metrics that were not approved, the HHSC Rate Analysis Division will inform the provider of the recoupment amount by mid-April.

April DY4 Reporting Updates

  • The DSRIP Online Reporting system opens April 1st and closes April 30th at 11:59pm CDT.
  • DY4 reporting companions and templates are being uploaded this week. HHSC is posting to the waiver website resources to support April DY4 reporting.  Our goal is for all documents to be uploaded by the end of this week, so please continue to check in.  HHSC strongly encourages providers to review the reporting companions prior to submitting any information into the online reporting system. HHSC has updated the general reporting companion, as well as three topic specific template guides for QPI, Category 3 DY4 performance reporting and Category 4 DY4 performance reporting.  These last three companions (QPI, Cat 3 and Cat 4) are step-by-step instructions for how to populate the respective templates.
  • Upcoming webinars:
  • General Reporting and QPI:  Tuesday, April 7, 2015, 10:00AM – 11:30AM CDT.
  • Category 3 and Category 4 reporting:  Tuesday, April 7, 2015, 2:00PM – 4:00PM CDT.
  • Webinars will be recorded and posted to the waiver website as soon as possible.
  • QPI Update:
    • HHSC will be posting the DY4 QPI Reporting Template on the Waiver website prior to  next week’s webinar.
    • Providers whose projects were very recently in discussion or are still in discussion with HHSC about final changes to the QPI template or QPI metrics will have a delay in having the DY4 QPI template available to them. These providers will need to wait until a revised template is available and issues are resolved before beginning to report on the project(s) in question.
    • In a limited number of cases, if QPI issues require further technical assistance, the provider will need to wait until the October reporting period before reporting achievement for the QPI metric.
    • HHSC will share the list of affected projects prior to when the DY4 QPI template is posted.
    • For projects that are not on the list of delayed projects, if an issue is raised by the provider or  identified by HHSC or the compliance monitor before April DY4 reporting closes, reporting may need to be delayed until October DY4 reporting.
  • Category 3 TA Status Updates: HHSC staff reviewed all baselines reported in DY3 and identified which of these baselines required technical assistance (TA).  HHSC prioritized those outcomes that would be eligible to report in April of DY4, which is determined by the baseline measurement period reported by providers.  We will continue to provide baseline TA to those providers that are eligible to report outcomes in October of DY4 over the next couple of months.  To that end, HHSC staff will be sending a regional TA status to anchors this week.   This status will identify which projects are eligible to report in April vs October DY4 and which of the outcomes have remaining TA concerns.  This eligibility to report at the Category 3 project level will also be contained within the DY4 Performance Reporting template.  Please attend the Category 3 webinar (detailed above) for additional information.
  • Category 4 Update:
    • HHSC is attaching a summary of Cat 4 project Reporting Domains that are eligible for reporting in April DY4 based on their measurement period. DY4 measurement periods are set as the 12-month measurement period immediately following the measurement period selected for DY3 reporting. RDs with a DY4 measurement period ending by 03/31/2015 may report in either April or October DY4. RDs with a DY4 measurement period that ends between 03/31/2015 and 09/30/2015 will be eligible for October DY4 reporting only. For RDs 1-3, the DY4 measurement period is 01/01/2013 – 12/31/2013 and all RDs 1- 3 are eligible to report in April.
    • HHSC will be sending out PPA, PPR, and PPC reports the first week in April. Most providers will be receiving all three reports. Providers with very low volume may receive fewer than 3 reports. All providers will be required to answer qualitative questions for RDs 1-3 in DY4, regardless of volume.
    • The Category 4 template has changed slightly from DY3. Please attend the Category 3 and Category 4 webinar for detailed instructions on reporting Category 4 in DY4.
  • Changes Related to Mid-Point Assessment:  If HHSC has notified a provider or anchor by COB on April 1 that certain DY4 metrics will change as a result of the mid-point assessment, the provider should wait to report on the related metric(s) until HHSC notifies the provider that the required changes have been made.  The changes are expected to be complete by the end of this week.

Please email the waiver mailbox if you have any questions:


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Mar 17

1115 Waiver Updates: Anchor Notes and Estimated DY4 IGT Commitments

Dear Region 2 Performing Providers and Stakeholders,

Please see the attached information re: [anchor notes] from March 10, 2015 and the file with the estimated [DY4 IGT commitments].

You will notice an item in the notes that HHSC recently discussed the draft transition plan for the two pools (UC & DSRIP) with CMS in advance of the formal submission (by March 31, 2015).  I anticipate being able to send a more detailed update soon.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me personally.
Thank you,

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