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Apr 22

4/17/15 Anchor Notes

Dear Region 2 Performing Providers and Stakeholders:

Please find attached two documents:

  • [A draft payment DSRIP] (only) payment schedule.  This does not include UC payments.
  • [Notes from the HHSC call with Anchors]. Important information included is highlighted and topics are below, but please always make sure to read all notes thoroughly.
  • New Statewide Learning Collaborative Date – Now August 27 – 28.
  • DY4 April Reporting – QPI, Category 3 and Category 4. As a reminder, Category 4 is required for UC only hospitals, as well.
  • 3-year Project Change Request Update
  • DSRIP Mid-Point Assessment Status
  • Waiver Renewal Planning
  • Value Based Payments Structure Note
  • DSRIP Statewide Event Calendar request

Please let us know if you have any questions or need additional information.  Thank you.
Craig S. Kovacevich, MA

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Apr 22

Uncompensated Care Pool

Dear Region 2 Providers & Interested Stakeholders:

In our continued efforts for full transparency, I would like to share the e-mail below, including the [attachment].  This relates to the ongoing discussion between CMS and HHSC as it applies to Texas’ Uncompensated Care (UC) Pool in the 1115 Transformational Waiver.

As additional information becomes available from HHSC and/or CMS, we will share with our regional performing providers and interested stakeholders.  Thank you.

Craig S. Kovacevich, MA

We want to make you aware of a call HHSC had with CMS this week to discuss the attached letter CMS sent to Florida on April 14th regarding the future of Florida’s Low Income Pool, which serves a similar purpose to Texas’ Uncompensated Care (UC) Pool in the 1115 Transformation Waiver. CMS requested the call with Texas, and on the call from CMS were Vikki Wachino, Tim Hill, and a representative from their general counsel’s office.

CMS said the purpose of the call was to let Texas know that for future renewal requests for UC pools CMS intends to apply the same three principles laid out in the second to last paragraph of the letter to Florida, which are listed below. (They said they’re reaching out to all states with similar UC pools.)

  1.  First, coverage rather than uncompensated care pools is the best way to secure affordable access to health care for low-income individuals, and uncompensated care pool funding should not pay for costs that would be covered in a Medicaid expansion.
  2. Second, Medicaid payments should support services provided to Medicaid beneficiaries and low-income uninsured individuals. (CMS noted on the call that this is an acknowledgement that some low-income individuals remain uninsured even with Medicaid expansion.)
  3. Finally, provider payment rates must be sufficient to promote provider participation and access, and should support plans in managing and coordinating care.

CMS acknowledged that each state and its pool is different, but they want to apply these same principles across all states. Texas’ waiver goes through 9/30/2016 and our renewal request is due 9/30/2015. They said that to inform Texas’ waiver renewal negotiations, they want to understand our UC pool better to establish a framework for negotiation. As they required of Florida, they said they would like us to contract for an independent report to help inform discussions around renewing the UC pool. We asked about our other pool in the waiver – the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) pool, and they said that while there will be negotiations and perhaps some overlapping issues around renewing the DSRIP pool, the principles above are intended to be applicable to UC rather than DSRIP.

CMS also acknowledged in the Florida letter that transition time may be required. HHSC plans to continue to work with Texas leadership and waiver stakeholders to submit a renewal proposal to CMS in September 2015 that reflects what Texas wants for the renewal period. We plan to hold a number of public meetings across the state this July to get stakeholder input on the planned renewal request that’s due in September.


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Apr 14

RHP2 DY4 April 2015 Reporting Webinar Notes

RHP2 Performing Providers,

Attached are the DSRIP PHI Tip Sheet and Webinar notes as seen on April 10, 2015.

If you have any questions related to these notes, please contact your respective Management Analyst.


RHP Anchor Team

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Apr 06

Presentations for April DY4 Reporting Webinars

Message from HHSC regarding upcoming Webinar.

Dear DSRIP Anchors and Providers –

Attached is a zip file [AprDY5cAT3&4Webinar-20150407], [AprDY4DSRIPReportingWebinar_201501407] and [AprDY4QPIWebinar_20150417] containing the presentations for tomorrow’s DSRIP April DY4 Reporting Webinars.   We are working to have the reporting templates posted on the waiver website by tomorrow morning.

As a reminder, here is the log-in information for both webinars:

1.       General Reporting & Quantifiable Patient Impact (QPI): Tuesday, April 7, 2015, 10:00AM – 11:30AM Central Daylight Time To join the online meeting:

1) Go to Join WebEx meeting https://hlthmgt.webex.com/hlthmgt/j.php?J=733793836
2) Click on Attend Meeting
3) Enter Meeting Number: 733 793 836 4) Call 866-430-8535

2.       Category 3 & 4 Guidance: Tuesday, April 7, 2015, 2:00PM – 4:00PM Central Daylight Time To join the online meeting:

1) Go to Join WebEx meeting https://hlthmgt.webex.com/hlthmgt/j.php?J=730881279
2) Click on Attend Meeting
3) Enter Meeting Number: 730 881 279
4) Call 866-430-8535

For both webinars, to join the audio conference only: All participants should dial 866-430-8535 (no password necessary). You will be placed directly into the audio conference. Participants can choose to log in online to view the slides and listen to the audio conference OR to call in only for the audio portion. Participants should dial in to the audio portion of the meeting 15 minutes prior to the start of the Webinar. They automatically will be connected to the meeting room and will hear music until the start of the webinar. If you experience difficulties logging in, please try again. You may reach the waiver staff at TXHealthcareTransformation@hhsc.state.tx.us<mailto:TXHealthcareTransformation@hhsc.state.tx.us.

Craig S. Kovacevich, MA
Associate Vice President,
Waiver Operations &
Community Health Plans
UTMB Health

281.806.0347 (Cell)
409.766.4047 (Office)


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