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12/11/15 Anchor Notes

Good morning RHP 2:

Attached are the anchor notes from Friday, December 11th.  Thanks.


Anchors  –

Thank you for joining us on today’s call – the last scheduled Anchor call for 2015!  It has been a while since we’ve been able to have one and we appreciated the opportunity to speak with you directly and hear your questions.  Attached please find the notes from the call.

As discussed during the call, attached are an updated list of selected Stretch Activity and Population Focused Priority Measures, and the DY6 Transition Year proposal submitted to CMS.  Also attached is a summary of what was reported for each Category 3 outcome during the October DY4 reporting period.

Regarding the email from Marwood Group with questions about the Texas 1115 waiver program, below is the response HHSC sent to them (HHSC comments are italicized):

  • It is  my understanding that the uncertainty surrounding CMS approval of the UC renewal is separate from the DSRIP renewal request, please confirm. We don’t know. CMS likely will have different considerations for the UC and DSRIP pools, but we don’t know whether they’ll initially authorize both for the shorter period of time.

o    Does the state expect  that DSRIP will be authorized at the levels requested for five years? Or is it likelier to be authorized for 2-3 years? We’ll likely receive an initial, shorter extension (no more than 2 years) and then will continue negotiations for the remainder of the 5 year ask.

  • If so, is it likely that the DSRIP payments will flow through the MCO, rather than through the affiliating public partner? We don’t know yet. We submitted the extension application in September and CMS is reviewing.
  • If so, Is it likely that that changes to DSRIP eligibility will occur during the next waiver demonstration? The State didn’t propose changes to DSRIP eligibility in the extension application.
  • It is my understanding that CMS had withheld about $75M in UC funds to certain private hospitals in Texas in September 2014, but released them in January 2015 due to concerns that there affiliation agreements violated the regulation over donations.

o   Has this issue been resolved by CMS? CMS has indicated that they will give Texas until September 2017 to work out this issue.

o   Is it likely that changes to the affiliation arrangements between public and private hospitals occur during the next Waiver demonstration? Unknown.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions.  Have a great weekend!  Thanks,

Amanda Broden
Healthcare Transformation Waiver Operations
Texas Health and Human Services Commission

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