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1/15/16 Anchor Update

Good afternoon Region 2,

We wanted to make sure that everyone was aware of the latest information received from HHSC regarding combining projects in the Transition Year (DY6) and the ability to correct Category 3 information for those measures that have already reported DY4 performance.  Additionally, please also note below the extension from CMS for Medicaid provider re-enrollment; the previously announced deadline of March 24th has now been replaced with September 25th.

The attached zip file contains 4 items:

    • Cat-3-Interim-Corrections-Template-DY5R1-20160115.xlsx, which can pull, by each Category 3 metric, the previously reported information.
      o   It does appear that HHSC has enabled the ability to modify the date range of the baseline.
      o   Please note that if you are correcting more than one Category 3 metric, you will need to save each one as a unique file. File naming convention per HHSC should be RHP02_ProjectID_Cat3Correction
      o   All corrections that are proposed must be sent to the HHSC mailbox by COB on Friday, February 12th
    • Cat-3-Summary-Goal-Calculator-20160115.xlsx.  This is for informational purposes only, as it is intended to allow providers to confirm current reporting information and determine new goals if corrections are anticipated.
    • Combining Projects Companion Document.pdf.  This is the how-to guide for combining projects either within a provider, across providers and/or across regions.
    • DSRIP-Project-Combination-Template.xlsm, which is the template for proposing project combinations.
      o   Please note that if you elect to do this, you will be asked to confirm the expected MLIU (or provide a new number with an explanation – the template appears to default to the highest MLIU of the projects being combined)
      o   Please note that the template defaults to indicate that all current Category 3 metrics continue.
      o   One project combination template per TPI.  If you’re not combining projects, no action is needed.
      o   All requests to combine projects must be sent to the HHSC mailbox by COB on Monday, February 1st using the subject line Combination Template, and a recommended file naming convention of RHP02_TPI_Project_Combination_Template.

As additional guidance becomes available, the Anchor Office will share it via email and our website (http://www.utmb.edu/1115).

Please feel free to reach out to our Waiver Analysts (Andrew Herndon, Anh Tu Pham, Karen Wong) or our Waiver Quality Director (Susan Seidensticker) if you have questions regarding this process.

Thank you,


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