May 24

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DSRIP Estimated IGT-April DY6 Reporting

Region 2,

Attached you will find HHSC’s estimated DY6 Round 1 IGT requirements, which have been calculated with the assumption that all metrics submitted for achievement will be approved.  We encourage you to review the content for your organization to assure that it matches what you anticipate for this reporting cycle.  As a reminder, HHSC expects to have reporting results available by Friday, June 9th; HHSC will issue the final information on IGT due during the week of June 19th.

HHSC asks that any updates to IGT source submitted by COB on June 1st (please see the link for the IGT Entity Change Form https://hhs.texas.gov/sites/hhs/files/documents/laws-regulations/policies-rules/1115-docs/IGT-Entity-Change-Form-%28DY4-6%29.xlsx).

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