Jun 21

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DSRIP Draft Measure Bundle Protocol for Cats B & C

HHSC is releasing the draft Measure Bundle Protocol in 2 parts. This Protocol is for DYs 7-8 beginning October 1, 2017, contingent on CMS approval. Thank you for your continued work as we take this next step.

Please see the attached draft of Part 1 of the Measure Bundle Protocol, which includes the Category B System Definition and Category C Measure Bundles for Hospitals and Physician Practices; Measures for Community Mental Health Centers; and Measures for Local Health Departments.

HHSC plans to release the full Measure Bundle Protocol draft next week, which will also include Category A Core Activities and Category D Statewide Reporting Measure Bundles for all DSRIP performing provider types.

HHSC is planning a webinar on June 21 to focus on changes in the Program Funding and Mechanics (PFM) protocol resulting from stakeholder feedback and the Measure Bundle Protocol; the webinar will primarily focus on Category C and understanding point values of the measure bundles. We will send out additional information separately on the webinar.

HHSC will also release a survey next week for feedback on the Measure Bundle Protocol (all sections) and request feedback by July 7th.

We know this is a lot of information and believe staging the Protocol will provide a chance to review key areas closely and give us some additional time on other sections while still adhering to timelines.

For Local Health Departments, please note there are some changes to the last list of measures that you reviewed. Some measures have been deleted that do not have measure stewards. Utilizing the survey, please let us know if you had planned to use these measures or have any other concerns.

For Community Mental Health Centers or Local Health Departments, if there are measures in the Hospital/Physician Practice Measure Bundles that CMHCs are able to report on and would like to have added to the list for CMHCs or LHDs, please let us know in the survey.

Prior to the webinar next week we will send out a measure summary document with a preview of measure specifications for more information on measure details.

Please note that there will be changes needed to the PFM to be consistent with this draft Measure Bundle Protocol. HHSC will not be issuing a new draft of the PFM until discussions are further along with CMS. The changes that would be needed are as follows, so you are aware. You can also let us know via the survey if you have any concerns about these potential changes.
• Each hospital or physician practice with a valuation of over $2 million per DY must select at least one Measure Bundle with a required 3 point clinical measure or add an optional 3 point clinical measure to a Measure Bundle with no required 3 point clinical measures.
• Only hospitals with a valuation equal to or less than $2 million per DY may select the rural Measure Bundles as identified in the Measure Bundle Protocol.
• A hospital or physician practice may only select optional measures for which they have at least the minimum denominator size as specified in the Measure Bundle Protocol.
• A hospital or physician practice may only select a bundle for which they have significant volume for at least half of the required measures in the bundle.
• For required measures with less than the minimum denominator size or a denominator of 0, the valuation for the measures and milestones within the Measure Bundle are valued differently as specified in the Measure Bundle Protocol.

Please share this with your providers. We will also get it up on the waiver website as soon as possible. Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks,

Amanda Broden
Healthcare Transformation Waiver Operations
amanda.broden@hhsc.state.tx.us | 512-462-6388

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