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9/15/17 Anchor Update

Good morning Region 2,

HHSC did not release Anchor notes last week; however, they did send the following email. Please note the highlighted sections.

Also, a reminder that the application for the additional DY 7&8 funds available to Region 2 is due by September 30th. Completed applications are to be sent to Andrew Herndon (atherndo@utmb.edu). The application information can be found at https://www.utmb.edu/1115/ under the September 13th section in the Important Dates.

Susan Seidensticker, BSIE, MSHAI, CPHQ, CSSBB, PMP
Director, Waiver Quality Operations
University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB)
Shearn Moody, 9th Floor
From: HHSC Texas Healthcare Transformation and Quality Improvement Program [mailto:TXHealthcareTransformation@hhsc.state.tx.us]
Sent: Friday, September 15, 2017 3:03 PM
Subject: 9/15/17 Anchor Update

Good afternoon, Anchors –

We have several updates for you this week:

October DY6 Reporting
• HHSC is tentatively scheduling a webinar for guidance on October DY6 reporting for October 4, 2017 from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm. We will get more information out to you with specifics as soon as possible, but please save the date.
• HHSC sent out the Active Users Update file for October DY6 reporting to Anchors on Tuesday, September 9th. Anchors should submit an updated regional October DY6 Active Users file to HHSC by Wednesday, September 27th, so that HHSC can make user updates in the reporting system before the start of the October DY6 reporting period. After this deadline, providers should submit the RHP Contact Change Form (https://hhs.texas.gov/sites/default/files/documents/laws-regulations/policies-rules/1115-docs/RHP/Plans/Contact-Change.pdf) to request changes to contact information and reporting system access.
• HHSC is planning to post October DY6 reporting templates on the DSRIP Online Reporting System Bulletin Board only , instead of also posting them on the waiver website. Because we can update the online reporting system quickly, but can’t make changes to the waiver website as quickly, we don’t want multiple versions of templates accessible to providers at the same time. Providers should make sure they get the appropriate staff access to the reporting system for reporting materials. We will also add a note on the waiver website to contact the waiver mailbox for assistance if needed, and we will continue to post the companion documents and webinar presentation on the website.
• QPI data files have been updated with the most recent MSLC findings for QPI metrics that were validated as achieved. These updates include pre-DSRIP baseline changes or any date adjustments within the allowable time frames. Providers will see this updated data in the October DY6 QPI templates and as applicable, in the online reporting system.

Hurricane Response
• This week, HHSC discussed with CMS several potential changes to DSRIP DY6 reporting in light of the issues caused in many of the regions by Hurricane Harvey.
• HHSC and CMS are still determining the best way to identify providers impacted by the hurricane, and how and to whom to apply these reporting exceptions. HHSC will be reaching out to anchors of regions with counties included in the disaster declaration to help us identify impacted providers and/or projects.
• The potential reporting exceptions discussed, subject to CMS approval, are:
o Waiving the requirement for UC-only hospitals impacted by the hurricane to attend a regional learning collaborative in DY6.
o Allowing an alternate measurement period for Category 3 outcome measures for Performance Years 3 and 4, as applicable for impacted providers. This might include an 11 month measurement period instead of 12 months, or a gap in the data to account for hurricane recovery time.
o Extending the “Needs More Information” (NMI) reporting period for impacted providers/projects following the October DY6 reporting period. HHSC has proposed to extend this due date for impacted providers/projects for up to 6 weeks (ending in late February rather than mid-January) to allow providers additional time to submit additional information and still allow HHSC time to review the additional information before the April DY7 reporting period. Any NMI-approved milestones/metrics would be paid in July 2018.
o Provisionally approving and paying DY6 metrics with low risk of recoupment for impacted providers/projects that are not able to submit complete information during the October DY6 reporting period. Metrics eligible for provisional approval would be Category 1-2 milestones M-3 (Project Summary and Core Components) and M-4 (Sustainability Planning), and Category 4 reporting domains. Provisionally approved metrics would be eligible for payment with other approved metrics in January 2018. Impacted providers who receive provisional approvals for these metrics would be required to submit complete information during the extended NMI reporting period. Provisional payments would be recouped if complete information is ultimately not submitted and/or the provider does not respond to requests for additional information. HHSC is determining how providers would request provisional approval and accounting for providers that may not have IGT available to fund provisional payments.
• CMS will let HHSC know in the next several days whether they will approve these requests for DY6 reporting exceptions for impacted providers.
• Possible exceptions or changes to the proposed DY7-8 requirements are still being discussed internally at HHSC and any determinations will be made after the extent of potential issues in the regions is known, and would be subject to CMS approval.

Category 3
• The Category 3 team is updating the summary workbooks. The updated data will be posted on the DSRIP Online Reporting System Bulletin Board by COB today. Providers need to verify the summary workbooks’ accuracy and submit any errors to the waiver mailbox by COB on Friday, September 22nd.

Compliance Monitoring
• HHSC will send out remaining communication to providers for Category 1 and 2 Round 2 early next week.
• HHSC is requesting additional information for some projects from Category 1 and 2 Round 3 review where providers either Did Not Achieve the goals or results were Not Validated per MSLC. Please provide additional information to MSLC as requested.
• HHSC is still reviewing some of the Category 3 results from the Performance Review Round 2.

Renewal: Category B System FAQ
• The System FAQ will be posted to the waiver website and online reporting system Bulletin Board early next week as a reference for anchors and providers.

Value-Based Payment and Quality Improvement Advisory Committee
• The Value-Based Payment and Quality Improvement Advisory Committee will hold its next meeting on Friday, September 22nd at 10am. The meeting will take place in the Brown-Heatly Public Hearing Room. The agenda can be found at the following link, and supporting material will also be posted closer to the meeting date: https://hhs.texas.gov/about-hhs/communications-events/meetings-events/2017/09/22/value-based-payment-quality-improvement-advisory-committee.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks,

Amanda Broden
Healthcare Transformation Waiver Operations
amanda.broden@hhsc.state.tx.us | 512-462-6388

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