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Oct 18

RHP2 DY6 October Reporting Webinar – Supplement to HHSC Reporting Webinars


Thank you to those that attended the October DY6 reporting webinar yesterday. Please find the webinar slides attached. Also, the learning collaborative and regional meeting documents needed to complete the Core Component deliverable will be available through the RHP 2 website https://www.utmb.edu/1115/ by the end of this week.

Do not hesitate to reach out with any and all questions.

Thank you,

Andrew T. Herndon, MHA, CSSGB
Senior Management Analyst
Waiver Operations
Office of the President
UTMB Health

301 University Blvd. Galveston, TX 77555-0985
Office: 409-766-4044 Cell: 979-204-8526
Fax: 409-747-0896 atherndo@utmb.edu

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Oct 18

RHP 2 DSRIP: 10/13/17 Anchor Notes

Good afternoon Region 2,

Below please find the notes from the Anchor call that HHSC conducted on Friday.
Anchor Notes
MPT Instructions
Calculator for MPT
DSRIP Draft Category C Measure Specifications

The following items are of special interest:

October Reporting:
• All RHP 2 performing providers who are reporting in the DY6 October cycle should have received an email from HHSC entitled “October DY6 DSRIP Reporting and Hurricane Harvey Reporting Exceptions”, which included a large (5MB) excel template.
o If you did not receive this email and are eligible to report now, please let the Anchor team know and we’ll get the template over to you.
o If your organization chooses to utilize HHSC’s offer of provisional approval of metrics due to the storm, that template is to be completed and submitted back to HHSC via the mailbox (TXHealthcareTransformation@hhsc.state.tx.us) by Tuesday, October 31st – this file is not to be uploaded into the online reporting tool.
o The template shows at the individual metric level what accommodations may be available.
o If you are not requesting to use the provisional approvals, no action is necessary.
o As a courtesy, if you choose to submit the template to request the provisional approvals, please copy me (smseiden@utmb.edu) so that our office has a record of the request as well.
• Reminder: HHSC’s cut-off dates for questions are as follows:
o Category 1, 2 and 4: Wednesday, October 25th
o Category 3: Friday, October 20th
• Please see page 2 of the Anchor notes regarding formatting issues in the Sustainability template needed to complete your M-4.1 deliverables. HHSC has uploaded the corrected template to the online reporting tool (it will say Version 2 at the top), though they did not change the revision date in the bulletin board list of available files. If you have downloaded the template already and are not seeing any issues, you are free to continue to use that one.
• Please also see page 2 of the Anchor notes regarding a glitch in the Category 3 template. Some providers in the state have been getting errors in the calculated achievement percentage when they populated the numerator and denominator. As of now, HHSC has not uploaded the corrected template. If you have already started and your calculations appear correct, you are free to continue to utilize the version of the template you currently are using. HHSC has said that they will attempt to notify directly those providers who appear to be impacted by this error.

Compliance Monitoring:
• Notifications on new Category 1, 2 and 3 efforts for compliance review by Myers & Stauffer LC (MSLC) will be issued shortly. MSLC is aware that providers are not to be asked to deliver any compliance-related responses until the DY6 October reporting cycle closes.

Waiver Renewal:
• HHSC stated that the negotiations with CMS are ongoing.
• The feedback window regarding Category C now closes on Monday, November 6th. The links (one for the introduction, 23 for the hospital and physician practice, one for local health departments and one for community mental health centers) are in the attached email.
• HHSC has added a Minimum Point Threshold calculator to the online tool; that Excel file and its accompanying PDF are attached for your convenience.

Susan Seidensticker, BSIE, MSHAI, CPHQ, CSSBB, PMP
Director, Waiver Quality Operations
University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB)
Shearn Moody, 9th Floor

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Oct 17

HHSC Template Changes and Errors for DY6 October Reporting

RHP 2,

The DRAFT anchor notes were just sent out for today’s anchor call and several DY6 October Reporting template changes and errors that HHSC has identified are explained in the notes. We will send out the finalized Anchor Notes once we receive them from HHSC. Please see the changes and error details below:

1. For QPI: MSLC validated changes that were incorporated into the data seeding of the October DY6 template only include date changes for applicable carryforward metrics or changes to the pre-DSRIP baseline. These are the only elements that impact current reporting. Do not expect to see changes in the reported achievement numbers in the template.

2. For the sustainability template, the initial template had some sizing quirks that have been addressed in an updated version. If you find that you cannot see checkboxes or drop-down menus, please download the most recent version of the Sustainability Planning Template from the Online Reporting System bulletin board. We have pulled the old version down from the website in order to maintain version control.

3. HHSC just found an issue with the Category 3 October DY6 reporting template that affects the calculation of DY6 achievement for some projects. We will be issuing a corrected template very soon. If a provider has not already completed the Category 3 reporting template, please wait until next week to download the template just to give us time to make sure we’ve got the issue resolved. We will also send an email to providers we have identified that will be affected by this issue. If we discover an error in a template that has already been completed we will work with the provider to correct it.

4. HHSC plans to have a Cat 3 Template for the NMI period that will be different than the Cat 3 Template for the primary reporting period. Providers must submit the Cat 3 NMI Template during the NMI period. They cannot submit general reporting period template during the NMI period.

Please reach out with any questions.

Thank you,

Andrew T. Herndon, MHA, CSSGB
Senior Management Analyst
Waiver Operations
Office of the President
UTMB Health

301 University Blvd. Galveston, TX 77555-0985
Office: 409-766-4044 Cell: 979-204-8526
Fax: 409-747-0896 atherndo@utmb.edu

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Oct 17

RHP 2: Awards for Unallocated Funds

Good afternoon,

As you all are aware, HHSC provided $2,308,000 (all funds) for both DY7 and DY8 to RHP 2 to bring our regional allocation up to its full allotment. A process for applying for these funds was developed by the Anchor team, which was then shared at the two public meetings held in the month of September. Six organizations made requests for these funds, and with the approval of our Regional Steering Committee, I am pleased to announce that the following allocations will be made:

• Angelina County and Cities Health District: $446,161.76 (new performing provider to DSRIP)
• CHI Memorial: $743,602.94 (new performing provider to DSRIP)
• Woodland Heights Medical Center: $495,735.29 (new performing provider to DSRIP)
• Burke: $300,000.00
• Liberty Dayton Regional Medical Center: $100,000.00
• Tyler County Hospital: $222,500.00

Please join me in welcoming our three new performing providers to DSRIP.

The impact felt in the service areas of existing DSRIP performing providers has been notable, and I am confident our regional efforts under the next iteration of the Waiver will continue to show improvements for the populations we serve. Our Anchor team will coordinate with HHSC to formalize the updated valuations and will keep everyone apprised of the requirements going forward. Thanks.

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