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Jul 25

7/22/16 Anchor Notes

Good morning Region 2,

Please see the attached for the information received after the Anchor call with HHSC last Friday. Please note that:

  • HHSC has provided a draft copy of the Statewide Learning Collaborative agenda.  If your organization plans to send representation but have not yet registered, the cut-off date is August 8th.
  • From the Anchor notes:
    • HHSC will be uploading an amended copy of the Category 3 summary workbook, which will reflect some changes in DY5 & DY6:
      • Targets for selected outcomes under Outcome Domains 10 & 11.
      • New Category 3 IDs have been issued for projects being transferred over from other Regions.
    • HHSC will issue feedback to the Anchors beginning August 26th on the DY6 participation templates; if there are any NMIs from that, our office will coordinate with the appropriate provider(s).
    • HHSC is holding a public hearing in Austin on August 26th on DY6 Rule Packet #2 (webcast will be available).


Susan Seidensticker, BSIE, MSHAI, CPHQ, CSSBB, PMP
Director, Waiver Quality Operations
University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB)


Dear Anchors,

Thank you for joining us on today’s call.  Attached are the call notes.

Also attached is a draft SLC agenda so that you can see the general topic areas.  If you share this with providers, please make sure they understand it is a draft and subject to change.  We will send you an updated SLC registration summary early next week.

I’ve also attached a map that shows the Medicaid managed care Service Delivery Areas overlaid with the waiver RHPs, which you and your providers might find useful. We will get it posted soon on the waiver website.

Regarding the updated regional community needs assessment, the PFM states it will be due in June 2017 in order for an anchor to receive the DY6A Anchoring Entity allocation.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Have a great weekend! Thanks,


Healthcare Transformation Waiver Operations
Texas Health and Human Services Commission

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Jan 27

Waiver extension documents posted to HHSC’s waiver website

Dear Region 2,

HHSC has posted additional information to their website regarding the proposals for the DY6 Transition Year.

As of today, the following are available (new documents highlighted in blue):

  • Transition Year (DY6) Proposal – Program Mechanics and Funding Protocol (1/26/16)
  • Proposed Regional Performance Bonus Pool Measures (1/26/16)
  • Updated Transformational Extension Protocol (Menu) with Best Practices/Models (1/26/16)
    o   Please note that this version contains only those project options that are allowed to be created as new (replacement) projects under the HHSC proposal to CMS
  • Summary of the Transformational Extension Protocol (Menu) for Replacement Projects – HHSC Proposal (9/4/15)
  • DSRIP Extension Planning and Protocols Webinar (9/30/15)

Additionally, HHSC has two survey links on their website regarding the Transition Year and Extension.

Thank you,


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Apr 08

1115 Waiver – Media/Marketing Engagement

Dear RHP 2 Performing Providers:

As we are working on DY3 April reporting, HHSC is also encouraging all performing providers to make sure that the impact of their efforts is being shared with those they are working to serve as well as interested stakeholders in your service area.  Engagement within your organization from Marketing and Communications can be very useful in making sure that the your projects are able to reach those who need them the most, and exposure in local media can be extremely helpful as well.

Our anchor office would like to hear from you on what steps you have taken to-date to promote your programs:

  • Which project(s)?
  • Who have you worked with in media?
  • What types of media exposure have you had so far?
  • What is in the queue? 

We are also interested in learning if your organization has a Marketing and Communications area and who the contact is for purposes of promoting your efforts under the 1115 Medicaid Waiver.  If you do not have a designated department, who in your organization may be able to assist with publicity efforts. 

Please respond back by Friday, April 25, 2014 to with a copy to

Thank you,

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Sep 16


Dear RHP 2:

Based on information from HHSC provided during our anchor call last week, the deadline for “New” 3-Year DSRIP project proposals will be extended to 5pm CST on Monday, September 30, 2013.

Per HHSC, “Given everything that is going on in the next couple of months, the new “[scoring” requirement] above and the delay in the CMS valuation review, HHSC plans to push back the dates for new project submissions.”  Also attached is the [project template].  Anchors were provided the following information related to action items and dates:

  • Prioritized list of projects for each RHP due sometime in October (exact date TBD)
  • Full projects due early December (exact date TBD)

HHSC plans to provide instructions and templates for completing the prioritized list in late September and for drafting full projects in October.

Please let me know if you have any questions,

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Jul 02

RHP 2 Performing Providers Only: Updates on Request from HHSC & Upcoming Webinars

Dear RHP 2:

I have had several calls and/or e-mails asking for clarification on HHSC’s recent request for a list of operational DSRIP projects by region and the upcoming Quantifiable Patient Impact (QPI) webinar scheduled for next Tuesday, July 9, 2013.  Please see below:

  • HHSC leadership (Executive Commissioner Janek, Chief Deputy Commissioner Traylor, and Medicad Director Ghahremani) is interested in visiting regions and observing operational DSRIP projects during the month of July.  To facilitate these visits, HHSC requested that Anchors compile a list of DSRIP projects that are currently operational.  If you have a DSRIP project that fits this requirement, please email a brief description of the project (including the unique project ID) and a brief status update on the implementation of the project.  Again, HHSC is not seeking plans that are in “development,” rather ones they can visit to see progress.

We are asking for RHP 2 performing providers to send in their submissions in advance of the July 4th holiday; but, will be able to accept updates through 10 am CST on Monday, July 8, 2013.  Please send to me at: with a cc: to Bobbie Guyton (

Thank you,

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