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May 20

1115 Medicaid Waiver: Region 2 Technical Assistance Call Reminder and HHSC Updates/Instructions

Please read the following note carefully and review the five (6) attachments.  You will find:

  • [Anchor call talking points]
  • [Companion document] – This version of the document includes yellow highlights to reflect what has changed since the May 3, 2013 version. HHSC strongly encourages stakeholders to closely review this updated document since it addresses many common questions regarding follow-up to CMS initial review feedback.
  • IGT entity change form [Instructions and Checklist] [Entity Change Form]– This form is to be used if an IGT entity for a DSRIP project has changed.
  • [QPI and Medicaid/Indigent instructions] – These overviews outline what performing providers should expect for Phase 2 related to quantifiable patient impact and Medicaid/indigent impact.

Also, please remember that RHP 2 will host a technical assistance call tomorrow for DSRIP project owners.  HHSC staff will be on the call to provide guidance, and each entity will have time to ask questions or comment on their CMS feedback.  We are still hopeful that we will receive the HHSC cover sheets in advance of tomorrow’s conference call.  As soon as we receive the cover sheets, we will forward them to project owners.  Please remember the 10 a.m. deadline today (Monday, May 20, 2013) to submit questions for tomorrow’s call.  Submit questions to, with a cc: to  As agreed upon at the RHP 2 meeting Friday, we will go alphabetically beginning with Angleton-Danbury and ending with UTMB.

RHP 2 Technical Assistance Call with HHSC
Tuesday, May 21, 2013
1-3 pm
Dial in Number:       1.877.226.9790
Participant Code:     3020674

Thank you,

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Apr 08

PFM Protocol Changes and RHP 2 Meeting Reminder

Dear RHP 2 Stakeholders:

We’ve now posted documents HHSC sent to anchors last Friday afternoon regarding changes to the CMS approval process of Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) projects under the Texas Healthcare Transformation and Quality Improvement Program (1115 Waiver).  Please take time to carefully review these documents, as they contain important information for performing providers, IGT entities and other stakeholders in our region’s 1115 Waiver planning efforts. Links are below.

HHSC and CMS have agreed to a phased approval process for DSRIP projects.  With these changes, initial approval will enable a project to earn incentive payments for the first three years of the waiver (through September 30, 2014).

Based on the date of our recent re-submission to HHSC, we anticipate CMS’ initial approval for RHP 2’s plan by the end of May (2013).

Our anchor leadership team has requested a call with HHSC prior to Friday’s RHP 2 meeting to seek further clarification so we can effectively plan an implementation strategy based on the changes to the approval process.

As a reminder, we will be meeting this Friday, April 12, 2013 at 9 am CST at UTMB’s Victory Lakes campus in League City.  If unable to join in person, please make every effort to participate by conferencing in at 1.877.226.9790, using participant code 3020674.  With these recent changes, this meeting will be an opportunity to more fully discuss the impact to RHP 2 and the DSRIP projects we have submitted as part of our plan.

 [Notification of PFM Protocol Changes 04-04-2013

[PFM Protocol- Final Approved Submission to CMS 04-04-2013]

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Feb 20

UC and Payment Updates document

Dear RHP 2:

Craig Kovacevich

Craig Kovacevich

I would like to take this opportunity to share a few items discussed in the most recent Anchor Call hosted by HHSC.  Also, I have uploaded a UC and Payment Update document, with a draft payment calendar.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at or by phone at 409.766.4047. Continue reading

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