Sep 22

Elections 2010

 The UTMB EAC is looking for candidates for elections to be held Nov 9th – Dec 4th.  Nominations are being accepted from Sept 28th – Oct 26th.  To be placed on the ballot as a nominee for the 2010 Elections, please complete the follow steps:


1)       Read the EAC guidelines:


2)       Provide a brief bio that describes your role at UTMB (less than 300 words) and a statement about why you want to serve on EAC.  Include all your contact information (phone numbers, email and your department);


3)      Provide a digital photo of yourself;


4)      Supply a statement of support from your manager or supervisor (service on the EAC is a three year commitment that may require as much as several hours a month of your time);


mail all 4 items above (bio state, why you want to be elected statement, supervisor statement endorsing your nominations and your digital photo) by Oct 27th to Melanie Loving @mloving@utmb.edu or call her with questions at 409 772-9601.