Feb 19

Submit Questions through the EAC for Mondays in March

Throughout March, Executive Leadership will host Mondays in March presentations to provide a vision for where UTMB will be in five years and what it will take to get us there.

The EAC encourages you to submit questions that are on your mind before the event on the EAC blog by using the Contact Us form. Questions will be forwarded to leadership, and some will be addressed during the meetings as time permits. You are welcome to submit anonymously if you prefer. Although you are welcome to submit questions to the EAC blog at any time, please contact us via the blog by the applicable deadline listed below, if you’d like your question considered for that leader’s Monday in March event.  Visit the Mondays in March web site (http://www.utmb.edu/mondays-in-march/) for more details. 

  •  March 4   – Donna Sollenberger, Health System Vision. Please submit questions by February 25.  
  • March 11 – Dr. Danny Jacobs, Academic Enterprise Vision. Please submit questions by March 4.
  • March 18 – Mr. William Elger, Business and Finance Vision. Please submit questions by March 11.
  • March 25 – Dr. David Callender, Institutional Vision. Please submit questions by March 18.