Sep 30

EAC Seeks Nominations for New Members Beginning on October 7th

The UTMB Employee Advisory Council (EAC) exists to foster bi-directional communication and dialog for all Classified staff, Administrative & Professional (A&P) positions, and Non-Teaching staff (excluding residents). The Council, which is sponsored and endorsed by the Office of the President, works to promote a positive and collaborative work environment that is committed to assessing, prioritizing and communicating employee needs. It also serves as a focus group/advisory panel by providing a feedback loop on broad issues and potential new programs that can impact Classified staff, A&P positions, and Non-Teaching staff (excluding residents). For the purposes of representation on the council, the university is grouped in four large segments: Academic Enterprise, Correctional Managed Care, Hospitals and Clinics, and Institutional Support.

An election to replace four EAC members who have completed their commitment to the council will begin Nov. 4, 2013, and conclude Nov. 22, 2013. Our thanks go to the following members who have completed their commitment: Susanne Johnston (Academic Enterprise), Tonya Campbell (Correctional Managed Care), Michele Lockwood (Institutional Support), and Souby George (Hospital and Clinics).

Nominations will be accepted from Oct. 7, 2013 – Oct. 25, 2013. To be placed on the ballot as a nominee for the 2013 elections, complete the following steps:

 1. Review the EAC guidelines on the EAC blog. 

 2. Provide a brief biography that describes your role at UTMB (less than 300 words) and a statement about why you want to serve on the EAC. Include all your contact information (phone numbers, email and your department).

 3. Provide an up-to-date digital photo of yourself to be placed on the site for review by your peers.

 4. Supply a statement of support from your supervisor/manager indicating your ability to devote 3-5 hours each month for the three-year commitment period to the council.  Nominees and their supervisor(s) should be aware of the time commitment of being on this council.  While the monthly meeting is only scheduled for two hours per month, there are times when special sub-committees, campus events and/or other designated events could be requested of each council member which might require more hours than just the 2 hours per month for the meeting.  These “extra” events are voluntary and should be communicated with the member’s supervisor prior to them committing to the event to gain their support.  The Academic Enterprise requires Executive Director/Director approval as well. 

 Email your biographical information, statement of why you want to be elected, supervisor endorsement and your digital photo to both Samantha McBroom at swmcbroo@utmb.edu and Susanne Johnston at sjohnsto@utmb.edu.

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