Dec 21

New Employee Advisory Council Representatives Announced


The Employee Advisory Council is a group of twelve elected employees and two advisors that represent  four broad areas of UTMB.  The EAC serves to promote a positive and collaborative work environment that is committed to assessing, prioritizing and communicating employee needs. The EAC also serves as a focus group/advisory panel by providing a feedback loop on broad issues and potential new programs that can impact UTMB Classified Staff and A&P Positions. 


Each year we hold elections to add 4 members of the council.  This year we also needed to replace a second member from the Schools due to a vacancy.  We would like to take this opportunity to welcome five new members to the Employee Advisory Council  (EAC)  We had an excellent  group of nominees this year.  The new members are:


·            Veronica Pleasant (University Support)

·            Michele Stout (Hospitals and Clinics)

·            Jason Chavers (Correctional Managed Care)

·            Vivian Granger (Schools) 3 year term

·            Amineh Baradar (Schools) 2 year term


The EAC looks forward to working with the new members of our team over the coming years and would like to congratulate them in being elected to serve by their peers on this council.