May 29

EAC Hosts Annual Meeting with Executive Leadership

EAC council members met with Executive Leadership on May 22, 2014, recognized new officers and outgoing members, and discussed goals for the coming year. Goals for 2014 remain the same as in 2013.

  1. Continue to improve communication between EAC and stakeholders.
    • Revised EAC Blog — https://blog.utmb.edu/EAC
    • Web views over past year
      • Contact Form – 609 views
      • Scrapbook page – 220 views
      • Other page views range from 210 to 130
    • Concerns submitted through EAC blog = 32
      • May 2013 to May 2014
      • Includes questions submitted for Town Halls and Mondays in March
      • Majority submitted anonymously
    • EAC representatives actively keep President informed of constituent feedback.
    • EAC supports as many UTMB functions and initiatives as possible.
    • Survey to launch in early June 2014 to generate data to compare to 2010 survey and set the course for the coming year.

  2.     Increase accessibility of EAC representatives to be utilized institutionally for focus groups, beta testing,   and process improvements.

    •  EAC held “Engage and Chat” sessions with employees at several UTMB and CMC sites, including:
      • CMC Rusk, Skyview and Hodge units, February 2014
      • Nursing Nightshift Council, October 2013
      • CMC Richmond, Jester III and Jester IV units, May 2013
    • Upcoming Engage and Chat sessions: 
      • CMC Huntsville, Eastham and Estelle units, June 2014
      • Mainland clinics (location, date to be determined)
    • EAC assists with Dr. Callender’s “Open Access” and “What’s on Your Mind” sessions.   

   3.     Develop and implement programs and/or initiatives to improve employee morale.

    • Planning Engage and Chat at Angleton Danbury Medical Center in coming months.
    •  UTMB hosted successful UT System EAC Annual Meeting on the Galveston campus in September 2013.

    •  EAC will to work with Leadership, Human Resources and UT System EAC to celebrate UT System Recognition Day in November.

  4.      Collaborate with Leadership to define the process and procedure for triage and resolution of issues.

    • Provided focus groups/feedback for:
      – You Count! Pulse Survey
      – ePerformance
      – Marketing and Communications Survey
      – Strategic priorities communication with Dr. Callender
      – Blue Ribbon panel discussion by Dr. Callender at Town Hall

  5.      Unite with other UTMB groups and departments to work together to work wonders. 

    •  EAC pops popcorn for Mondays in March sessions to raise awareness and promote employee morale and attendance.

    •  EAC assists with events including Earth Day, Employee Service Awards and Nurses Week.

    •  EAC sponsors a holiday/birthday party for the Pedi unit at John Sealy Hospital each December.

      Susanne and Dr Callender

      Dr. Callender presents Susanne Johnston with an award for her service on the EAC.

      Tonya and Dr Callender

      Dr. Callender presents Tonya Campbell with an award for her service on the EAC.

        Round the table pic