Aug 06

Engage and Chat in Huntsville

EAC held an “Engage and Chat”  for Correctional Managed Care employees at the Walls and Estelle units located in Huntsville on June 12-13.  The EAC started the employee outreach program in 2013 to familiarize employees with the role of the EAC and advise employees on how to become engaged and communicate with the group.  The visit also offered EAC members the opportunity to listen to employees’ concerns and experience their unique work environment.   “We met some amazing employees who love their job,” said EAC representative Souby George. “What an extraordinary opportunity it was to spend the day in our colleagues’ work environment to gain perspective and appreciation for what they do on a daily basis,’’ said EAC Chair Julie Cantini. “It was truly eye-opening.’’

CMC employees Jerri Denee’ Robison (regional nurse manager and an EAC member elected to represent CMC), Shelia Curry (CMC administrative secretary), Beth Pipkin (nurse manager, Huntsville Unit), Shelly Hanson (nurse manager, Estelle Unit), Khari Mott (business manager, Estelle Unit) and Minnie Jennings (nursing supervisor, Estelle Unit), along with captains from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, provided tours of the units over two days.


EAC members who visited the prisons were: Denee Robison and Kevin Moore (representing CMC); Souby George, Jacqueline Pope and Craig Kovacevich (representing Hospitals and Clinics); Julie Cantini, Neal Cooper and Frank Valiulis (representing Institutional Support); Jennifer Anderson (representing Academic Enterprise) and Mary Ann Hellinghausen (EAC advisor).
If you would like to host an Engage and Chat session in your area, contact your EAC representative today. 
EAC members outside the Huntsville Unit

EAC members outside the Huntsville Unit


EAC members visit with CMC employees

Tour of the Walls Unit

Tour of the Huntsville Unit

Tour of the Textile Factory at the Walls Unit

Tour of the Textile Factory at the Huntsville Unit

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