Jan 04

UTMB employees elect new members to the Employee Advisory Council

The election for 2011 members to the Employee Advisory Council has been completed and four new members will take their seats on the council on Jan. 24, 2011. We want to thank all of the nominees for their time and energy along with the record number of employees who voted in this year’s election.

Each year an election is held to replace members who have served their term. The peer elected group serves both classified and administrative and professional employees. Faculty are represented via the Faculty Senate and therefore, not part of this election process.

On behalf of the current EAC, I would like to thank Chuck Machner, Melanie Loving and Craig Peters for their guidance, time and endless energy in establishing the EAC at UTMB and to encourage them to remain active as we move forward.

The newly elected members are listed below along with the entity group they serve. Please join me in welcoming them and let us know how we can represent you better in the coming year.

To learn more about the EAC, please visit our website at http://blog.utmb.edu/EAC


Gerald Cleveland
Chair, Employee Advisory Council

New Members:
Michele Lockwood – University Support
Susanne Johnston – Schools
Michelle S. Mares – Hospitals and Clinics
Tonya Campbell – Correctional Managed Care