Correctional Managed Care

Representatives of Correctional Managed Care


Laura David (

Laura David has been in correctional nursing for over 21 years and in 1999 joined UTMB CMC. She has served our patients and staff in multiple roles, including LVN, RN, Nurse Administrator, and her current role as the Cluster Nurse Manager at the Gib Lewis and Goodman Facilities. She has a consistent presence at the Polunsky and Cleveland Facilities serving as preceptor for new Nurse Managers and interim duties when position is vacant.

Laura obtained her License Vocational Nurse in 1995, Associate Nursing Degree in 2001 and Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing in 2004. She is currently enrolled in the Master of Science in Nursing Administration at the University of Texas at Arlington. She promotes and encourages lifelong learning of staff.

She demonstrates compassion for her patients and staff through a servant leadership role where employee contributions and patient outcomes are highly valued. She encourages input from staff on how to improve clinic productivity and patient care and she values input from all departments.

Laura was awarded this February with the Region III Nurse Manager of the Year. Her work exemplifies the core values of UTMB. She stands up for what she believes is right and advocates in the interest of patients and staff. She does not hesitate to share concerns over the implications of policy on frontline patient care and offers practical solutions as alternatives.

Laura believes in a positive and team environment. She feels that her experience working with each department would be beneficial for all UTMB in promoting and communicating employee needs with the Employee Advisory Council.



Robert Dalecki (

My name is Robert (Bob) Dalecki. I joined UTMB-CMC in September of 2009 as a Practice Manager for the Huntsville, Goree, and Ferguson Units.  In 2010 I became a Senior Practice Manager for the same units and assisted with the management of a number of other units in the Huntsville District. In 2012 I became Regional Manager for Region 2 UTMB-CMC and in September 2015 I became Director of Operations for UTMB-CMC Region 2.

I have a passion for excellence and for improving the work environment. Not only do I believe that people are an organizations greatest asset, I am convinced that it is our collective knowledge, skill, drive, and aspirations that can make an organization great. Each and every person has the ability to impact the success of UTMB. The Employee Advisory Council is one way to tap into our collective human potential and direct that energy toward the goal of Working together to work wonders.






Madonna Rake (

Madonna Rake’s 27 year tenure began with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice in 1989 as an Associate Degreed, American Registered Radiologic Technologist. In 1995 when UTMB took over the Health Care of the Offenders in a large portion of Texas; she became a full time employee of UTMB. During her Correctional Career she has served as the Secretary/Treasurer and President of the Texas Correctional Radiologic Technologists. She has always been an employee advocate and where ever she has worked from Rosharon to Huntsville; Dayton and Beaumont staff has come to her for advice and counsel due to her vast knowledge of P&P. She is a long time member of AFSCME(AFL-CIO) even serving as a Stewart of that union. In 2007 she was promoted to the South Regional Manager of CMC Radiologic Technologists and Radiation Safety Officer and continued in that capacity until 2011 when she retired after 22 years of state service. But 6 months later her love for her profession and state service drove her out of retirement; she rehired as a staff Radiologic Technologist for UTMB-CMC. Within two years Digital Radiology was implemented across all CMC Units and she was honored to have been asked to help with the coordination of the installs and professional input of that project. Recently she was asked to work with the IT department to gain access for CMC Radiologic Technologist to be able to acquire CE’s on line and was able to successfully accomplish that.