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EAC Members


(EAC 2014-2015) Back row: Tilly Clark, Jennifer Anderson, Julie Cantini, Kelly Prevou Middle row: Jacqueline Pope, Angel Morales, Frank Valiulis, Cathy Guyton, Souby George, Kevin Moore, Dawn Meyer Front row: Philesha Evans, Mary Ann Hellinghausen, Mary Schlobohm Not pictured: Pinkee Patel, Neal Cooper


EAC Members  – 2015-2016

Jennifer Anderson (jlsmith@utmb.edu), Bryan Hoynacke (brhoynac@utmb.edu) & Mary Schlobohm (maschlob@utmb.edu)

Academic Enterprise
Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Medical Branch Library
School of Health Professions
School of Medicine
School of Nursing


Kevin Moore (keemoore@utmb.edu) & Angel Morales (admorale@utmb.edu)

Correctional Managed Care


Souby George (sogeorge@utmb.edu), Dawn Meyer (dameyer@utmb.edu& Jill Bryant (jnbryant@utmb.edu)

Hospitals and Clinics
Campus Clinics
Some off Campus Clinics

Tilly Clark (taclark@utmb.edu)
Leslie Blacketer (lmblacke@utmb.edu) & Frank Valiulis (frvaliul@utmb.edu)

Institutional Support
Audit Services
Facilities, Operations & Management
Health Policy & Legislative Affairs
Human Resources
Information Services
Legal Affairs
Marketing & Communications


Council Advisors

 Philesha Evans (paevans@utmb.edu& KirstiAnn Clifford (kicliffo@utmb.edu)